My Team of Coaches

Sometimes people contact me and then we realize they need something a little different than I am available for. Plus my schedule is quite full.

So I created a team of coaches with solid skills who can help you out. You don’t have to keep running around trying to find someone who fits your schedule, your needs, and your budget.

My team of coaches have a range of prices, specialties, and schedules. They all have a good understanding of introversion, and they all listen and help you be the best you.

My team has a range of specialties including:

  • mindfulness-based coaching
  • male introverts
  • ADHD and organizing challenges
  • self-employment lifestyle/ balance
  • late bloomers/ transitions
  • personal growth
  • heart-centered business coaching
  • strategic planning
  • career advancement
  • job burnout
  • job search coaching and mock interviews
  • career clarity
  • living and working abroad
  • lawyers in transition
  • adolescents
  • “new adults” (20-somethings)
  • and more

No more shopping around without a map. I can match you up.

Here’s how to start: Let’s talk and sort it out together.
Request a free consult here.