How To Sense When It’s the Right Career Path, or Not.

I’m just popping in with a quick tip today…

The key to knowing when it’s the right career or business path for you is to follow what feels True to you. Anything else leads to burnout at some point.

But following your truth? Hmm, that can be confusing and hard to do, huh?

In other words, tune in to the bright spots, which are there somewhere, if you look around. Then double down on that direction. Follow the signs of where it feels good, where you’re smiling. Explore those directions further.

I’m NOT saying look at the bright side and stay where you are, and just buck up. No.

Follow the signs and go towards more and more of what feels right inside. Your body knows. First look for what feels right already as the starting place.

In a way, I’m saying to follow where a pleasant breeze is already blowing!

Most of us are focusing on what’s going wrong (because that’s how the brain works), instead of looking for what is going right, even if it’s still small and difficult to see at times.

When you turn your attention to what feels right, a lot is revealed.

To me, the breeze analogy means you are following what is coming naturally to you, and also what your heart enjoys, and it also means it’s resonating with the people you are here to serve. It feels like doors opening in your heart and mind.

If something you’re trying feels like working against something inside yourself (like your natural strengths or against your values), that’s not going “with the wind.” Make sense?

career path clarity tip

Following the breeze means following your natural strengths. When you do that, you’re in the right direction. When you don’t, it’s exhausting, like fighting the wind.

But That Sounds Scary (or Hard)…

I know, I can hear you saying it’s hard to “just follow the breeze” because it can feel like going AGAINST what’s expected or what’s needed for income. Sounds scary.

It’s not simple to do that. There’s a few more steps involved. I can’t explain it all today.

For those who are INFPs on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, like I am, what I’m saying probably sounds like your natural way of doing things, so consider that a strength of yours, that you know how to sense and follow a pleasant breeze towards your Truth. If you stop and do it.

Many of us, even if it comes naturally to us, have learned to tune out this natural flow. But it’s still there waiting for us to listen.

But still, for most people, staying true to your course to move into what works for your career or business, you need a few more concrete steps to take to move into your best path, for ease, sustainability, fulfillment, and making a real difference.

Following a few simple steps to find your true path can be fairly simple, even if not an overnight thing.

Check out my career clarity course:
“Simple Steps to Uncover the Best Use of You Now”

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