Job Search 2.0 – Rise Above the Crowd

Jeff Cohen has mastered the art of using social media to find a job. He was smart enough to use his own social media savvy to promote himself to his employer of choice, Bronto. Here’s what happened.

Check out Jeff’s video blog post to see his fun self-promoting video — and don’t miss the reader comments that include a positive, same-day response from a director at Bronto!

Totally creative. I loved it….I’d say this, you are DEFINITELY interview-worthy. I’ll touch base with our hiring manager Monday.
—Director at Bronto (Jeff’s targeted employer)

OK job seekers, you too can get ahead of the curve if you follow Jeff’s simple example. Anyone can do this, but only a few people are doing it. Jobs are out there but you have to rise above the noise. If you know what you want, you can make it happen.

Jeff’s creative job search technique is what I call “Job Search 2.0.”  That refers to job searching in the age of  Web 2.0 where users create their own experience on the web (making YouTube videos, writing their comments on blogs, etc.). Job seekers, the power is in your hands.

More Ways to Use Social Media for a Job Search

How are you using the web to rise above the noise?

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4 thoughts on “Job Search 2.0 – Rise Above the Crowd

  1. Thanks Angela.
    Hey everyone, Angela is the perfect person to go to for creating an effective video like Jeff’s or some other creative way to rise above the noise in your career search. You don’t have to settle. A little help can make a big difference.

  2. Val,

    Great stuff. Thanks for putting this up…this is what I teach in my free seminars and it’s good to see some people who are actually doing the things I’m teaching. I think Jeff is a true pioneer in the world of job seeking and should be commended for taking a chance. If you want to take a chance, attend my free seminars to learn how!

    Go here for info while my other site is being updated:

  3. Val
    Thanks so much for featuring my video job pitch for a position I had applied for. No final word on their direction for the position yet, but I certainly did make an impression and broke through the noise. Social media is about engaging with others through compelling content and conversations, whether it is a customer or potential employer, and this was a good example of a different approach. And by the way (shameless plug ahead), if someone is looking for help planning their social media/engagement marketing strategy, I do that in my spare time when I should be looking for a job.

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