Be Heart-Centered in Business…Out Loud

Vulnerable can be so bold.

A role model for vulnerability.

You know it’s time for a new blog post when a topic comes up in multiple conversations in the same week. So here’s this week’s theme.

I work with heart-centered people, and many of them struggle to express that side of themselves out loud — especially in the business world. But we all need to go there.

We tell ourselves: “Can’t say that, that’s too mushy,” “That’s too personal,” or “They’ll think I’m stupid.” Continue reading

E-tiquette Quiz for Business Emails


I bet I can’t find one person to get a perfect score on this email etiquette quiz.

Email is still our main form of communicating over the internet, but we take it too lightly.

We’ve all had the experience of being misinterpreted over email. A little etiquette (or “e-tiquette”) can save you time and trouble… or maybe save your job. Continue reading

15 Practical Reasons Why I Blog


Image by Kristina B via Flickr

Blogging isn’t for everyone but it can be far more useful for businesses, organizations, and individuals than most people think.

Here are the practical reasons why I choose to blog despite all the other things demanding my attention.

It’s not for everyone. I’m speaking for me.

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Interns Can Help, If…

internThere’s so many great reasons to hire interns (especially for help with social media) and we all seem to want their help. But, so much gets in the way, right?

You search, you interview, they start…they stop showing up, or you don’t know what to give them… and you stop trying.

Yet, some people manage to make it work! People are using interns for help with social media marketing, technical jobs, video storytelling, and more. I’ve been collecting their secrets for you.

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Should You Worry About Online Reviews?

Oh no, here come the Bloggers

Image by Brett L. via Flickr

The playing field has changed for marketing, as fueled by social media.

When it comes to promoting something on the web, you are not in charge of your own messaging anymore. Everyone is in charge.


Hold on, this could be good news for you. Continue reading