Letters to Shy Girls

Let's help her shine confidently.

Let’s help girls find the confidence inside them.

I woke up on an early January morning determined to do more this year for the shy girls who feel stuck in a shell, and want out. I decided to start here today.

I used to be stuck in a shell and I found my way out but it took longer than necessary. I’d like to reach back and bring more girls with me.

I’d like to collect notes from adults to their  former shy self, or to the inner shy girl in you now. It should be a message of encouragement. Tell her whatever you think she needs to hear. Maybe some permission to be seen and heard.

What Will Happen with the Notes?

I want to publish these notes or excerpts of them in some form, for the purpose of sending a line of hope and support to “girls” who need to hear it. Maybe even to you.

I’m not sure how it will be published yet. I’m starting with you and letting that lead the way. Maybe a video, maybe a book, maybe a few blog posts… it just needs to get out there, right? I know you get it.

I won’t publish your name, just the notes.

Writing Tips and Requests:

I welcome everything from one sentence to a few paragraphs.

Just write off the cuff, today, while you’re here. Go ahead. There are no mistakes. No need to mull it over. If you think of more to say, come back and send some more.

Please do the following to make this as helpful as possible for shy girls, and for you too:

  1. Tune in to your heart and your memories, and let the words flow from there.
  2. Give her some hope and encouragement. Cheer her on.
  3. Maybe give her some kind of permission to speak or step out courageously.
  4. Maybe include a key turning point for you in building confidence and finding your voice. Maybe there was some advice you got, or a quote that inspired you. Share what worked for you.

How To Send Your Note

Please use the form below to send your note.

Remember to write it in the form of an encouraging note to your former shy girl self, or the shy girl that’s still inside you. Thank you so much!!

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