» Gifts for You and the Greater Good {time sensitive}

Gifts for You and the Greater Good {time sensitive}

It came to me that I could offer some things to help you and others at the same time.

Whichever option you choose below (through 12/10/2021), I’ll be giving 50% of your payment to a BIPOC-led organization that’s about repair, regenerative practices, opportunity, and Indigenous sovereignty: Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust.

Consider one of these options or share it with a loved one who could use some support.

1. Strategy Sessions for Solopreneurs (1/2 off)

If you’re ready to have more ease in your self-employment journey, let’s hop on a Strategy Session in December to help you plan for more flow and ease in 2022.

strategy session

We can resolve a sticky issue like choosing your client attraction methods, niche, or pricing. It can feel so relaxing to start the new year clear and strong, letting go of all the “shoulds” that aren’t a fit for you.

Normally $250. Right now $125.

Purchase here:

2. Find Career Clarity and Hope ($100 off)

career clarity courseIf you’re ready for more clarity about your career path and how it can come together in your situation, check out my Career Clarity Course.

I’ve cut the price for this week, and you’ll also see a no-cost option.

Again, half the proceeds this week go to the causes listed above, so this is an ideal time to jump in. The course remains available to you long term.

If You Miss the Offer

You can still purchase at the regular price at the same links above, or you can stay tuned for future offers by subscribing below.

Val Nelson

Val Nelson

I’ve been a self-employed career/business/purpose coach since 2009. I help introverts and HSPs (like me) who want to make a difference — in a way that fits our practical needs too.
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I appreciate feedback, good and bad. You can comment below or contact me privately.

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