Marketing Needs Assessment

Introverts often come to see me when they feel stuck about marketing. They say things like “I like my work with clients, but I’m bad at marketing. Is it hopeless?”

So we slow things down and take a fresh look. Sometimes we discover the problem is that they aren’t even sure if they have chosen the right business path, so we do some clarifying.

Sometimes they are definitely in love with their chosen path but they really do need a new way of dealing with “that marketing thing.”

I love helping people step into a new perspective where marketing can be much easier, even for wallflowers. There are some solid behind-the-scenes methods that align with your strengths.

To give you a sneak peek, these are the kinds of questions I ask in a marketing needs assessment. It’s not just about strategy. It’s about what you’re about, where are your strengths and passions, and where are the challenges.

  1. What is a simple synopsis of what you do?
  2. Describe your most important audience, if you know. What is the problem they want to solve? (Guess if needed.)
  3. What marketing strategies are most interesting to you?
  4. What marketing strategies feel most dreadful to you?
  5. What fears or worries come up as you think about marketing?
  6. What’s working with your marketing now?
  7. How do you feel about networking?
  8. How do you feel about writing articles or content for your website?
  9. Tell me a few things you do for fun.
  10. Tell me 1-3 things you are very passionate about, even if it seems irrelevant to you.
  11. How do you want me to support you on your marketing goals?
  12. If our coaching/consulting work were to have a huge impact in your life, what would it look like?

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