Most Popular Posts

These posts on my blog have been among the most popular. I put a lot of my heart and insights into these based on real world stuff.

These posts cover my usual range of topics so they give you a good sense of what I’m about: introverts, soulful self-employment, soulful work, authentic marketing for introverts, confidence, fear, communication, and leaps of faith.

  1. Self-employment Ideas for Introverts
  2. Best Careers for Introverts, HSPs, and Other Sensitive Souls
  3. The Introvert’s Path from Pain to Confidence
  4. Do You Confuse Extroversion with Confidence?
  5. Why You Get Tongue-Tied About Your Work and What To Do
  6. Having a Big Heart Can Also Mean Big Exhaustion. Start with Grounding.
  7. Is It Self-employment Induced ADD?
  8. You Are Closer Than You Think
  9. Your “Worst” Trait Could Be Your Superpower
  10. The Self-Employment Leap of Faith
  11. When Something Feels Too Big for You, Say Yes
  12. 1 Easy Step for Getting New Clients Now
  13. Do You Like the Sound of SOULpreneurs?
  14. Self-employment Myths and Reality. It’s OK To Be Wobbly.

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