Heart-to-Heart Business Writing Group

I have built a steady coaching business mostly thanks to my written content (an introvert’s dream). Writing for my blog and other places online has given me most of the visibility needed to grow and maintain my business, without any tricks or pushy sales required.

I have learned what works and what’s a waste of time.

I find I’m often helping other business owners with writing, so I decided to offer a group learning experience, with time to write together too. Writing groups can be so powerful.

This isn’t about helping you get through the “drudgery” of writing, or making a perfect sales page. It’s about writing valuable content that is a genuine gift for others, from your heart to theirs.

writing group

We meet as a small group via videocall on Zoom, so you can be anywhere, but it feels like we’re all together.

Focus of the Group

This group is about:

  1. Writing something valuable, from your heart, with pleasure.
  2. Having more ease and camaraderie with your business writing.
  3. Steadily getting the right business writing done.
  4. Getting results so that your writing time is well worth it.

Membership includes:

  1. Learning writing tips that help your shoulders relax.
  2. Time for writing in community.
  3. The option to get writing feedback from me and group members.

Your writing could be for a wide range of uses, including: blogs, video scripts, articles, social media posts, slide shows, presentations, website content, email newsletters, and more. While you could use the time to write sales pages, it’s not the main focus of this program.

My Business Writing Credentials

My primary marketing method for my coaching business has been related to my writing, such as via my blog and an advice column that was syndicated on Huffington Post.

Some of my blog posts have gone viral, and I know why. I have a strong understanding of writing for search engine optimization (SEO) and for real people. That is a powerful combination for business success. The tips I share incorporate this expertise.

This will give you a sense of how I have helped others with their writing:

From the moment I met with Val [about our website content], I was impressed with the professionalism and range of expert advice she offered. She was attentive and easy to work with. After I implemented Val’s suggested changes, I began noticing a positive difference: My website routinely showed up in the top 3 in Google for my targeted search phrases. Inquiries and enrollments increased. And the site drew a wide range of people. I highly recommend Val.”
~Leah Wing, Ed.D, Social Justice Mediation Institute, Amherst, MA

What the Group Meetings Are Like

We’ll meet twice monthly via Zoom videoconference to:

  • Learn a tried-and-true business writing tip, with Q&A time.
  • Set some clear intentions for your writing.
  • Spend some time writing in community so it gets done.
  • Have an opportunity (not required) to get writing feedback in the group.
  • Connect with community inspiration to invigorate your writing process.

Membership also includes individualized writing reviews by me, between meetings, explained below.

How to Join

Enrolling now. Membership is rolling until full. 8 members max.

Logistics and Frequent Questions

Is this a good fit for me?
This group is for you if you relate to all of these:

  1. You want to do some writing for your own business.
  2. You want to bring a heart-centered authentic approach to your work and your writing.
  3. Your work focus is about having a positive impact in the world, and most likely service oriented (such as coaching, training, consulting, healing arts).
  4. You like the idea of having a sense of community with your peers.
  5. You are drawn to things like mindfulness and balance (even if it’s a struggle).
  6. You have a sense that writing is a good fit for you as part of your marketing. (We can figure this out together in our initial call.)


What kinds of topics are covered in the group?
While the group is not a course, members will gain some business writing tips along the way.

All tips are based on an authentic approach you can feel good about, not manipulative marketing methods.

Here are the kinds of topics we discuss:

  • How to choose your places to post content, that will be easy and effective for you.
  • Simple ways to write effective and authentic headlines and email subject lines.
  • Finding the line between authentic personal writing and “too personal.”
  • Formatting your writing so that people keep reading.
  • Breaking your writing process into simpler steps that will keep you flowing.
  • How to choose your writing topics.
  • Types of posts/articles to choose from.
  • Whether and how to have your writing edited and proofread.
  • When and how to write in a way that will help you get found in Google.

I’ll share a key tip in each meeting, with questions and answers, while a main focus in our meetings is time for writing.


What is included in the writing group program?
  1. Twice monthly gatherings (2 hours each) for members with Val’s facilitation, including ample time for writing.
  2. Additional opportunities for regular co-working sessions to jumpstart a block of concentrated writing.
  3. Opportunities for business writing feedback from Val between meetings. (Details below.)
  4. Access to Val’s online secure client portal with relevant resources and worksheets, such as a website content development exercise.
  5. Opportunities to help shape the group format and topics.
  6. An introvert-friendly format so you’re sure to feel at home.
  7. Access to the growing library of recorded lessons saved from each meeting.

What is included in the writing reviews by Val?

Each calendar month, I’m willing to review one new “article” or post. There could be a second round of reviewing the same article/post, after you’ve incorporated suggestions.

Length of the “article” to be reviewed is limited to something like a typical blog post (such as up to 1000 words) or the length of a long Facebook post.

I’ll provide an educated opinion on whether I think the piece will get the results you want, and what could be refined to get better results.

Editing and proofreading is not included. (That could be arranged in a trade with other group members, or could be arranged for an additional fee.)

Unused article review opportunities can not be banked for future use, so that I can realistically plan my time.


When are the meetings?
We meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 1pm-3pm Eastern time, U.S.A. If members agree, the writing time could extend and meetings could go up to another half hour.


When could new people start?
As space allows, new members can join at any time.

All members will have done at least one private session with me to get caught up with a common mindset, and to make sure you have all that you need to get the most out of working together. I want to make sure this is a good investment for you.


Is there a time commitment to the group?

New members begin with a three-month commitment to the group so we can form strong supportive connections. It’s month-to-month thereafter. Payments are monthly.


What is the cost?
The fee is $150/month for all writing group benefits. As the group evolves, that price could go up, but continuous members keep the rate they started with.

Add-on consults are available for an additional fee, such as a marketing plan consult or website content review. We can accomplish a lot in one session, and save you from investing time and money on wasteful directions.


Do we meet by phone, video call, or in person?
The group meets using Zoom, an effective video call platform that it easy to use. You can be anywhere in the world.

Next Step: Let’s Talk About It.

If you want to talk about this, please start here to get access to my calendar so we can find a time to talk soon.

I never pressure anything. We’ll just figure it out together. That would be nice.

Feel free to pass this on to others who might be interested.