Writing for the Web

I can help you improve your writing for the web and social media.

Writing for print and writing for the web are different because people read differently on the web and you also want to keep search engines in mind. (See What’s Different About Writing for the Web.)

Is This You?

  • Are you planning a new website and want to be sure you get the text right?
  • Do you want to make sure you do what’s needed for best search engine rankings?
  • Do you like writing but realize you’re too close to the subject and need a second look?
  • Do you have lots of written content but want help to “webify” it?
  • Do you want to come across as caring about your customers but don’t want to sound fake?

How I Can Help

I’m available for assistance with your web or social media communications:

  • assessment
  • clarity coaching
  • niche selection consulting
  • SEO copywriting advice and SEO referrals
    (SEO stands for search engine optimization)
  • Matching you with the right folks for creating great content, design or rich media (video, slides, etc.).

What are your needs? Let’s talk! I look forward to hearing from you.