What Matters Now

It’s that time of year for reflection about the last year and the upcoming year. What matters now?

The world is changing so fast that sometimes it’s hard to know where to focus now, especially if you have your own business and you are considering changing course to keep up with the times.

I read this in a Seth Godin e-book from 2010.  It resonates with me still:

Dear ones, EASE UP. Pump the brakes. Take a step back. Seriously. Take two steps back. Turn off all your electronics and surrender over all your aspirations and do absolutely nothing for a spell. I know, I know – we all need to save the world. But trust me: The world will still need saving tomorrow. In the meantime, you’re going to have a stroke soon (or cause a stroke in somebody else) if you don’t calm the hell down….Consider actually exhaling.”
~Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic and Eat, Pray, Love.

I agree with her wholeheartedly.

I also think what matters now is that we all get a bit more real. Don’t worry what the neighbors will think. Let’s talk about what we care most about. It’s not always easy to do that! I get it. It’s hard for me for sure. And yet… Your heart will thank you. The world will thank you. Right? Might sound trite but it’s so true. And worth the challenge.

Here’s something we can try as concrete simple step to begin that. Start sharing what matters now for you on your social media updates and business communications. Don’t keep it to yourself. People appreciate realness. It might be safer to do this than we think. Hmm.

If you don’t know what matters to you now, here’s an exercise you might enjoy and find helpful:
Can You Name Your Focus in One Word?

Be Heart-Centered in Business…Out Loud

Vulnerable can be so bold.

A role model for vulnerability.

You know it’s time for a new blog post when a topic comes up in multiple conversations in the same week. So here’s this week’s theme.

I work with heart-centered people, and many of them struggle to express that side of themselves out loud — especially in the business world. But we all need to go there.

We tell ourselves: “Can’t say that, that’s too mushy,” “That’s too personal,” or “They’ll think I’m stupid.” Continue reading