What Happens When an Introvert Interviews Another Introvert on Live Radio?

I was interviewed on the radio before my last networking workshop for introverts and now you can listen to it here.  (See next networking workshop)

On the morning of the live interview, with no advanced scripting or warning, I walked in to the DJ booth and the host, Chris Collins (shown right), immediately “came out” on the air as being an introvert. Love it!

So we chatted about how I might help him and others with their resistance to networking. It was not only fun, we covered many of my secrets in only 8 minutes.

Phew, for an introvert, being interviewed live without any conversation in advance, I was a bit nervous beforehand. And of course I said a few things I’d like to edit now but I bet I’m the only one who noticed that stuff. In the end, it was so fun that I felt like I wanted to go back every week. Hmm, radio ideas brewing.

Enough Stalling. Now You Can Listen…

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