The Wisdom of Winter for Everyday Shadows

winter shadowsDo these everyday shadows sound familiar? Plaguing self-criticism; wondering if you’ll ever reach your dreams; spiritual angst; loneliness; winter blues; or plain ol’ stuck-on-the-couch days?

We each have our internal or hidden struggles — our shadows. Yes there are also the big tragedies in life that we know all too well, but today I’m talking about the internal stuff.

On a recent stuck-on-the-couch day, I drew an angel card that said, “What you perceive to be your dark side holds a hidden treasure.” Hmmm. It rang true.

After sitting with that message for a bit, it led to a major breakthrough because I looked closer at the shadow and saw the amazing gifts there that I needed to bring to my work. The light returned. What a release! It reminded me of this awakening I had earlier: Your “Worst” Trait Could Be Your Superpower.

What does this “hidden treasure” mean, in a practical sense, for coping with our shadow side?  Continue reading

When Something Feels Too Big for You, Say Yes

When you hear someone take on a big challenge or make a big investment in their business, does this kind of thought come to mind?

That is too big for little ol’ me.”

Hate to break it to you… but if that’s what comes to mind, then you’re exactly the person who needs to take on a challenge. Your shrinking habit will get worse over time if you don’t push on those limits. Your fears will get louder. Yuck.

I’m not saying go quit your job tomorrow without a plan. I mean, find that stretching edge that has a gulp feeling. That’s where growth lives.

I’m telling myself this as much as you, because I’m at one of those moments in my business where I need to take a brave step and the “too big” voice is creeping in. So here’s encouragement and a free worksheet to help:

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Tackling My Fears, One Layer at a Time

That’s me holding a baby alligator in Louisiana.

I was thinking it’s about time to write a post about Fear, our chronic companion if we are alive.

Really, it’s such a huge topic, and understanding it is so critical for our success and well-being. Helping people rise above their fears is probably the main thing I do as a coach. So, where do I begin?

Then I realized, well, uh, I’m in the midst of tackling some fears right now so I might as well get personal here. The Exposure Fear in me is resisting telling you about it!

Here’s the story and how I’m tackling those fears. And I’m not referring to holding the alligator you see in the photo. That was easy.

I had a full-on panic about a week ago when I was preparing to launch some new programs. I felt pressure to get it all done, yesterday.

It’s September after all and it’s time to rush, rush, rush, launch new ventures, and keep up with the Joneses. I had booked myself tightly: a teleseminar (fast approaching!), two live workshops, three group courses to launch, new clients to attend to, and that’s not to mention time scheduled with family and friends. Continue reading