You’re Not in Charge of Your Own Marketing Anymore

Oh no, here come the Bloggers
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The playing field has changed for marketing, as fueled by social media.

When it comes to promoting something on the web, you are not in charge of your own messaging anymore. Everyone is in charge.


Hold on, this could be good news for you.

Potentially, people will spread your message for you, wider than you could ever imagine, if you’re doing it right.

This is called viral marketing, which refers to a message spreading like a virus, that is to say, exponentially and easily from person to person. Sounds bad but look at how successful viruses are. A more positive-sounding description might be “word-of-mouse.”

Viral Marketing or Word-of-Mouse Samples

The Iranian protests and Obama’s election victory are prominent examples of the success of viral marketing.

And I know you’ve watched some of those YouTube sensations that everyone is posting on Facebook.

What’s Your Role Now?

Your role is to initiate with great content: blog, video, social media comments, graphs, webinars, etc. If you truly get to know your audience, and listen to what they like by watching what they respond to, you can create something share-worthy.

When you strike a chord with them, watch the magic happen.

Should You Worry About Online Reviews?

Sometimes business owners worry that all those places people can post reviews and whether it will lead to bad reviews from competitors or unreasonable customers.

Don’t waste time worrying about that. Put your focus on providing great service. And monitor the places where people post reviews about you. If a bad review shows up that isn’t fair, you can protest it with the website owner. And sometimes you can respond to the person that posted it to resolve the problem.  There are systems in place to prevent fraud.

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