Does Web Marketing Ever End?

One of my web marketing coaching clients asked me this question that comes up so much that it was worth a blog post.

After finishing website edits, excitedly launching a new website, posting online videos, and promoting the business in a few more places online, she asked me:

Do I have to learn Twitter now? Please, let there be an end to this web marketing! I am walking away from the computer now…walking…farther…away.

My response:

You don’t have to learn Twitter. But web marketing never ends, sorry to say. Some things eventually start to coast as your fans take over spreading the word for you, but you should always at least  monitor and tweak your efforts so you can keep up with the times.

For now though, you’ve already accomplished so much! So I think your next step is to pat yourself on the back and reap some rewards!

Of course, the full answer is more complicated than that. But sometimes it’s time to sit back and notice all that you’ve already accomplished.

In her case, she has achieved and learned so much, and had so much fun along the way, that she might be ready to start her own web marketing business. I think she’ll stick to being a musician though, especially with all the new opportunities coming in.

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