Expert Writer or Editor for Your Website?

Most people think they should write their own website content. But a top expert says that hiring an expert  writer pays off.

Jakob Nielsen is known for thoroughly studying what people really do on the web. In his list of 10 High-Profit Redesign Priorities, he says that hiring experts who understand writing for the web is one of the best investments:

You can usually double website or intranet usability simply by rewriting the text to follow the guidelines for online content. Better writing is probably the single most important improvement you can make to your site, but … it’s not a one-time fix. You must hire good writers for all your projects, train them in writing for the Web, and have all of their content edited by even better editors who are knowledgeable about content usability. Expensive though they may be, editors are always worth the cost.

Still want to write your own website content? I understand. You can have it all. You can get a little advice before you begin, and when you’re done, let an expert  help you add the final touches.

Contact me if you want a consult to get you started and/or to find a great copywriter. I have some tools to help you get in gear to write for your audience.

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