Feeling Tongue-Tied About Your Website Content?

If you’re feeling stuck about the words for your website, you’re not alone. But it’s the most important part of your website if you want results from that big website investment. If you’re stuck, it’s time to step back and let in some outside help.

Among web marketers, there’s a saying that content is king. It’s not the design, or some flashy intro, or some secret code to get to #1 in Google—it’s the content that makes the biggest difference in whether you get results.

With that in mind, your content can’t be the part you throw together so your web designer will have something to put in there. It should be the centerpiece! And your copywriter, marketing consultant, or business coach should be involved from the outset.

Sometimes web professionals refer to the website design as the “wrapper.” Remember to focus on what’s inside the wrapper more than the wrapper itself.

How’s Your Website Content?

Is writing or improving your website content still stuck on your to-do list? Often the problem is you aren’t clear on your audience or you aren’t confident about some piece of the business. So you might need a coach to draw out that bit of clarity that’s missing.

Sometimes you know all the puzzle pieces for your business but finding the right words is still a struggle. That’s when a great copywriter can help. I can help match you with the right service for you.

I provide some step-by-step tips for preparing your website content here:

That Dreaded Writing for Your New Website

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