Where To Find a Web Designer

Take this quiz to see if you’re headed in the right direction.

Which is the most reliable place to find a web designer that can meet your needs?

  1. A marketing firm
  2. A web design or web development professional
  3. A graphic designer
  4. Your son who’s good with computers
  5. None of the above. I’m a do-it-yourselfer.

The answer, in my book, is “b. a web design or web development professional.” All might offer web design, but usually it’s the web design firms that have the necessary web training to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, there are web design firms that don’t use the latest technology (which is important for saving you money and headaches), so you’ll need some criteria for choosing a web designer.

Think of It Like Buying a Car

When shopping for a new car, you’ll probably start at the dealers with cars known for mechanical reliability and fuel efficiency — and then you choose the one that looks good. You wouldn’t choose based on looks alone. So, don’t do that for your website. Only some websites are built to last.

You can’t have a successful website without the right stuff under the hood. First choose a technically-skilled web designer as your starting place.

Yeah, but…

What if you already have a graphic designer or marketing firm you trust? I can help you assess whether they have the technical skills that will serve you over the long haul. Usually they will outsource it and then there’s someone between you and your web designer and that’s usually a bad idea.

A skilled web developer will be able to work with your existing graphic designers or marketing firm to make sure your brand and messaging are consistent.

You can have it all! You’ll get the best return on investment if you choose the web designer who knows the technology best. You can still have the look you want, great marketing results, and do-it-yourself access.

What’s Your Story?

What’s your experience (good or bad) with hiring a web designer? Please leave your story or other comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Where To Find a Web Designer

  1. Choosing a car can be rather challenging even if you know what are the requirements.
    Choosing a web designer is still more partly because you are in unknown territories.
    As a small business owner it's difficult to understand if the proposal you'll receive is the good one and when build you still have to learn to drive …

  2. You're so right. It's overwhelming to a lot of people to choose a web designer. So much unfamiliarity. You have to rely on people you trust and a little education.

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