Coaching by Phone vs Video/Zoom Calls

Most coaches meet with clients by phone (without video), and that’s what I primarily do too.

Why I Find Phone Usually Works Best.

While many people have gotten used to video calls, such as over Zoom, it doesn’t mean it’s the most effective method for the kind of connection and exploration involved in a coaching session.

Video calls are known to be hard on our energy. This is probably especially true for highly sensitive people and introverts, and others too.

Video calls are also not as conducive to allowing intuitive insights to flow. My intuition — and ability to tune in to your strengths, values, purpose, and concerns — is probably stronger without video, and I think it might be true for you too.

coaching session by phone

Therefore I encourage phone over video calls for most of our one-to-one meetings.

Even people who think they need video in order to focus often find that’s not the case with coaching.

We can find out. Notice how you feel when you try it.

Zoom can be useful for some calls.

For some coaching sessions, Zoom with video can be useful and we might choose to do that at times, for part or all of a session. We can discuss.

My small group meetings (if applicable to you) take place on Zoom. Group calls work best with video.

International Calls

You can be anywhere in the world. If you’re calling me from outside the USA, we will use an app like WhatsApp or Signal for phone calls.

Curious if coaching will work for you?


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