Bridge to Self-employment Course

Especially for Introverted and/or HSP Women

Learn how that Scary Cliff can become a Simple Bridge.

If you’ve been thinking about self-employment, or even trying it on the side, you probably have some concerns about how that “leap” actually works.

In this online course, you’ll get concrete answers to your worries about money, energy, risk — all with introverted and highly sensitive women in mind. You’ll also hear from people like you who are making it work.

It was a frustrating mystery when I first wondered about self-employment. Now I’m determined to make it easier for others.

This is about heart-centered and practical self-employment especially for solo service professionals (coaches, consultants, healing arts, creatives, and other services).

From Val's course participants:

“The whole experience felt really rich and useful.”

“I enjoyed the videos – your voice was calming and reassuring.”

“Remarkably well organized and well done. Amazing.”

“I felt supported all along the way.”

This course is for you if you're wondering:

  • How do people go from the stability of employment income to the unpredictability of self-employment?
  • What about money before the business is working?
  • How will I get steady clients?
  • What if I’m risk averse? 
  • How do I find the energy required for it all? 
  • When is it time to cut the cord on the day job?
  • Could this even work for me?

We’ll answer those questions and cover:

  1. Making the money work.
  2. Getting clients.
  3. Mindset and getting past fears.
  4. Managing time and energy (especially important to us introverts/HSPs).
  5. Knowing when a business idea is viable.
  6. Business logistics concerns.
  7. How real people actually made it work!
flower in bloom

Diverse Voices Inside the Course

You’ll hear from a diverse range of people who have taken the leap, or are in the process. They are mostly introverts and/or HSPs. You can see their warmth and wisdom in these photos of them.

They share what makes it work for them — for their energy, sustainability, sense of security, and all the worries.

Their roles include non-profit founders, a copywriter, coaches, a ride service founder, creatives, an herbalist, and a non-profit consultant. They come from different cultures, ages (30s–50s), and locations.

You’ll love this part! The wisdom and guidance they offer is priceless.

In this course, you will get...

  • 7 Discovery Lessons.
    Each one has a video lesson, a simple worksheet, and tips. By the end, you’ll have created your 1-page Dashboard, with your key insights and next steps.
  • Opportunities to ask questions.
    Live group calls provide a chance to ask me questions, discuss worries, and connect with like-minded people. You can also ask questions in writing. You aren’t in this alone!
  • Inspiration and hope.
    I’ve included inspiring video interviews with people from diverse backgrounds, about finding their way.
  • More relaxed shoulders when you think about self-employment.
    Getting answers to plaguing questions, and how it applies to your situation, is so calming!

Plus, you can get a 35% discount on a private consult, so you can get a sticky area resolved quickly and easily.

step by step
Val Nelson business coach for introverts and HSPs

About Val, Your Instructor

I took the self-employment leap in 2009, and now I help others have as easy a transition as possible.

I’m a highly sensitive introvert and I specialize in helping other introverted and/or highly sensitive (HSP) women. 

With a background in teaching and adult education, I enjoy making things easy to learn. 

I’ve known inside for a very long time that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but Val really helped me to shed those layers of fear & discouragement. I sometimes can’t believe how confident & proud I am feeling these days and I am so elated when I realize it is not all a dream. Thank you!”

~ Amber Ladley, creative entrepreneur

Cost and How To Join

Doors open in Summer 2022. Sign up to be alerted below.

Regular price: $147 USD (I’ll temporarily offer a discount when first launched.)
(Money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase if not satisfied after trying the first main lesson.)

No-cost access available: For those who are Black and/or Indigenous in the Americas.
(Full course with all the same benefits offered at no cost, as a step toward reparations.)

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll learn the inside story on how people make the shift to self-employment, including both practical and inner concerns.

As an introvert and highly sensitive person, and a specialist in helping others like me, all my courses have our sensibilities in mind, so you won’t be forced to do things that don’t fit who you are.

Here’s how someone described her experience in a similar course of mine:

I learned an enormous amount, and found so much ongoing guidance and inspiration along the way. And it’s really great to know that I can review this course at any time, because there is so much terrific material here. I’m now looking forward to the next steps on my journey!

The videos were fantastic – really helpful and illuminating. I really appreciated the group calls as well. The whole experience felt really rich and useful, and it exceeded my expectations. Thanks for all the opportunities for feedback – they really helped me feel supported along the way.” ~Reeve

It has about 4 hours of course material. This includes time for videos and worksheets.

There are also opportunities to attend live group calls for questions and camaraderie. 

You can go at whatever pace works for you. 

For motivation, I include incentives to get it done within 8 weeks. But you retain access to the course long term.

I encourage you to attend the included live group calls over Zoom. You’ll have at least one option per month for up to two months. So you can ask questions and learn from each other.

Dates/times will be weekdays within 10am–5pm Eastern time USA.

This course is about getting you answers to concerns about making the transition to self-employment in a healthy way, but it’s not about getting you all the way there. It’s a starting place for understanding.

It doesn’t cover all the specifics of how to start a business. But I provide resources for where to find some concrete help from there.

I am aware that I have white privilege and many blind spots, so I continue to work on my cultural humility and awareness. I’m committed to anti-racism, anti-sexism, and inclusion of all kinds. I’m not new to the work but I’m far from perfect.

I’m purposely including a diverse range of people in the perspectives you’ll hear from in this course, including diversity of race, age, class, and cultural background.

The course is especially made for introverted and highly sensitive women because that’s who I’m best able to help. We have particular needs around our work, that I address in the course. The included interviews are all women plus one trans man.

I always welcome your feedback and suggestions and am committed to being non-defensive.

You can learn more about my Inclusion, Equity, Antiracism, and Reparations Commitment here.

I get it. I have the same worry about taking online classes! Because of that, I tried to think through creative ways to help you stay with it. First by making it engaging and interactive.

Also, I’ve built in support from me, plus opportunities to connect for camaraderie. (Kindred spirit connection makes a huge difference!) 

I’ve also built in some incentives to nudge you to get it done within 8 weeks. For instance, you get extra course benefits within your initial 8 weeks. And potential bonuses too.

They are similar in these ways:

  1. We would go over similar information.
  2. There’s individualized support available (although much more so with coaching).

Here are some key differences:

This course has these benefits over coaching:

  1. Lower price.
  2. Work on it on your own schedule.
  3. Great for people who enjoy do-it-yourself.
  4. It’s available anytime, even when Val’s coaching calendar or groups are full.

Coaching has these benefits over the course:

  1. It’s easier to make progress with more specific guidance on board with you.
  2. Built-in accountability structure so it really gets done.
  3. A more customized approach to your situation.
  4. There are often group options where you can find regular kindred spirit camaraderie.

You can combine the two! Such as:

  1. Some people take the course and then add in a discounted private session, or more, to get unstuck, when needed.
  2. Some first take the course and then see Val for the next steps in their journey. Thus finding a more economical approach overall.

Here’s what will be different than using a business book on your own:

  1. This course is specific to introverts and HSPs throughout. Our energy is a big factor.
  2. This is more geared for heart-centered solopreneurs, as opposed to growing a bigger business, which most business books are about.
  3. You can ask me clarification questions at any point along the way.
  4. You can attend live group calls to discuss your situation.
  5. You’ll be able to book a private session with a big discount for course participants, to get something unstuck, or for help with some decision-making. 
  6. It includes video interviews with people about how they found their way into self-employment, thus bringing things more to life.
  7. A supportive course like this is a nice sweet spot between going it completely alone with a book and investing in coaching. 

Any Questions?

Just pop me a note and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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