When self-employment needs to be easier.

I know there's a way.

You want to enjoy a fulfilling sustainable self-employment experience. You might be exploring self-employment, or you might already have a business, and you want to be sure it can work… with breathing room. 

I help introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs) create the sustainable, meaningful, and calm life you really want. 

I bring my years of business coaching experience and my experience of having my own sustainable and meaningful self-employment journey as an introvert and HSP.

It brings me joy to hold the lantern for you when you’re stuck in the fog.

The typical business and marketing advice is more fitting for extroverts, but we need a different map. Plus your big heart and your quiet-loving soulful nature need to be nourished too.

I can help you make the right decisions for you, from a calm place, before you waste time, energy, and money on the wrong path that you think you’re supposed to follow. 

Let's find a way for you to have work that satisfies your heart, your body, and your wallet.

Check out the 3 doorways below and trust that you will know which to explore (it might be more than one).

We’ll work one-to-one so you can bring your full potential to the world, and work through concerns about income, exposure, and work-life harmony.

Find clarity and kindred spirit connection in this group focused on heart-centered approaches to business and marketing.

For more ease in your work, you can learn at your own pace with budget-friendly courses.

There seems to be a bit of magic to what you do. I know that this decision to leave my job, and the transition into this self-employment phase has gone so much more smoothly than it would have otherwise. I am more confident moving forward, more aware of my abilities and what I have to offer. I’m staying brave even when fear kicks up.”

~ Lauren, newly self-employed in Western MA

Curious if coaching will work for you?


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