Inclusion, Equity, Antiracism, and Reparations Commitment

I want to talk about something I’m passionate about and committed to, for life — inclusion, equity, and antiracism.

If you’re excited about supporting a more just world too, I bet we’d enjoy connecting, and I can help you find the best use of you in this crazy world.

Here are some things you might want to know about my commitments:

1. Inclusion and Lifelong Learner Commitment

For starters, I’m committed to being welcoming and inclusive of all races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, cultural or class backgrounds, body sizes, and abilities, and I’m grateful that my coaching experience includes that whole range. There’s no out-group in my world.

These are more than words. It’s something I work on. For many years I have worked on building my cultural humility, my understanding of racism and antiracism, and unlearning white blindness and fragility. I pay for training and consulting on this, on a regular basis. I also am immersed in challenging homophobia, patriarchy, and all of the power/privilege structures that hold back genuine freedom for all. I get how intersectionality is always at play even when I can’t see it.

Most of all, I know it’s a lifelong learning process, and that I will often mess up. Hence my love of the “cultural humility” goal, where I know it’s about staying open, and apologizing when I get it wrong. I welcome you sharing your perspective with me. I can handle it.

Including those who are less heard is part of my purpose in this life. Social and racial justice issues are near and dear to my heart. I’m about making sure all voices are heard, especially those who feel like it’s hard to speak up, for any reason.

I believe the well-being of all depends on listening and including everyone from a place of love.

2. Equity, Antiracism, and Reparations Commitment

Beyond inclusion, I’m determined to work towards a more just and equitable world. I know that being antiracist is an integral part of manifesting that vision. Racism has been a tool for supporting inequities that effect everyone.

I commit to the following
…not as charity but as a step towards Equity, Antiracism, and/or Reparations:

  1. Ongoing education for myself so I can see and correct bias and inequities in my business.
  2. Staying open to feedback about my blindspots and biases.
  3. Apologizing and repairing when I’ve made a mistake.
  4. Only working with clients who care about the Greater Good. Money does not come first, for me, or them.
  5. Devoting time to support antiracism in my local community and local government.
  6. Supporting Black and/or Indigenous led organizations who are creating positive change.*
  7. Offering my coaching services for lower costs for Black and/or Indigenous people.
  8. Making my workshops and courses available for no cost or low cost for Black and/or Indigenous people.
  9. Ongoing study of how I can support reparations.
  10. Stretching into my discomfort zone on all of it, while also making sure I maintain energy to keep going over the long run.

I welcome hearing from you about any of this. Feedback is always welcome. This is a work in progress.

*Some Black-led and Indigenous-led organizations I support:

  1. Color of Change
  2. Indigenous Environmental Network
  3. Dream Corps
  4. Gardening the Community (local to me in Western Mass.)

Learn more about me and my work: