Well-being for Highly Sensitive People

Most highly sensitive people (HSPs) do not understand how their sensitive nervous systems work, and how it effects so much of our well-being — from sleep and focus to happiness and work. Let’s get you some basics to support your well-being as a highly sensitive person.

HSP well-being
HSPs can be sensitive and strong and wonderful at the same time, like a bright pink flower.

First: There’s nothing to fix about you.

You’re wired this way for a reason. There’s a lot of gold here. However, HSPs need to understand how to work with this fine-tuned brain and body.

Taking time to learn has made a huge difference for me as a highly sensitive person. I now know how I can minimize the challenges of it, and benefit from my HSP superpowers.

Our superpowers often include:

  1. An exquisite ability to understand how others are feeling and to read the room.
  2. Deep enjoyment of beauty, nature, and positive surroundings. (People around us get to enjoy our enthusiasm and appreciation.)
  3. Seeing more details and sensing things like sounds and smells that others miss. (Like a great detective.)

These are all useful skills to have, and there are more. Of course these traits, like any traits, could have challenging sides too. So I’ve got some helpful tools and learning options for HSPs below.

Next: Learn the HSP Basics

Then Learn Some Skills

These self-paced classes and courses are by Julie Bjelland, a licensed psychotherapist, HSP specialist. (Disclaimer: If you use these links, I might receive a referral bonus from Julie, but I can honestly endorse her credentials for teaching these.)

Free intro classes:

  1. Sensory Overload for HSPs 
  2. HSP and Anxiety Connection
  3. Boundary Setting and Saying No for HSPs

Online courses (paid):

  1. Brain Training for HSPs: Learn Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelm
    Learn and practice tools in this self-paced course, ideally done over 8 weeks.
  2. Blooming Brilliantly as an HSP
    Helps you more fully understand and appreciate who you are as an HSP. Includes tips on energy, sleep, health, relationships, stress, and all the basics of life that HSPs should know.
  3. Sensitive Empowerment Community
    Get access to a full library of learning, as well as regular opportunities to connect online and at live caring gatherings. Like-minded community with no pressure.

A Fresh Look at Your Work Life for HSPs

These resources are from me, a career/business coach for introverts and HSPs.

Stay Informed and Connected to HSP Community

HSP/ Introvert Retreats

Portugal retreat
Portugal Retreat

If you need a quiet nourishing getaway just for people like you, consider one of these retreats for HSPs and Introverts (Portugal, Mexico, and more).

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