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There’s an abundance of possibilities when you know where to look.

I love collecting my favorite resources and tips so that your business, career, and life journey can have more ease and more impact.

There’s a lot of support out there, including free business counseling and free and low-cost learning opportunities.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or do it all alone, no matter your ability to pay.

I’ve sorted the resources into these categories:

Career and Self-employment

Personality and Your Well-being

Books and Podcasts

Inspirational Quote Collections



Learn how introverts and HSPs make self‑employment work... without the hustle.

Get INsights to make work more meaningful and less stressful for INtroverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Get work INsights for INtroverts & HSPs.

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my work is too draining

Is your career too draining?

It might not feel like it right now, but work can be energizing and fulfilling, even for introverts and HSPs. There is a way. Here are 3 paths to find your way to your right career path.

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