Mindfulness, Meditation Instructions, and Other Grounding Resources

Are you looking for more grounding or mindfulness in your life, but not sure how to make it easier to do it? I’ve collected a few reliable and simple resources for you.

This can be so helpful for calming our sensitive nervous systems. Trying to make ourselves calm doesn’t work. Let’s make this simpler and actually calming along the way.

Whether it’s meditation or another grounding method like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/ Tapping), I encourage you to get at least some basic instructions. It’s too easy to have it be unproductive or frustrating — while it can be so simple and rewarding with a little instruction.

Take a moment now to stop and breathe.
For me, lighting a candle can naturally bring a little more breathing room and presence.

Here’s a simple entry point:

Can you be present for what is happening right now?
If you cannot be present, can you send some loving energy toward yourself?
If you cannot generate some loving kindness for yourself, can you name one thing you are grateful for?
Take time today to meet your spirit where it’s at.”

~Spring Washam, Teacher, Healer, Author. (“Spring is considered a pioneer in bringing mindfulness-based healing practices to diverse communities.”)

How about a 60-second pause right now?

Click for a lovely guided “Pause for 60 Seconds and Breathe”, from Denesia Rodgers.

pause 60 sec with Denesia

Meditation and Grounding Resources

I’ve experienced meaningful benefits from meditation that build up over time, although meditating doesn’t reliably help me in a stressful moment and isn’t designed for that either. For some people, anxiety can worsen at first with meditation, especially without good instruction.

Good instruction helped me get more benefits, and I use other grounding methods for in-the-moment calming. Helpful guidance:

  1. Find guided meditations and classes on the Insight Timer App.
    Download this free app and you’ll get access to a huge selection of guided meditations, silent options with timers, and a community of meditators worldwide so you can see how many others are meditating at the same time. You can search for meditations by length or topic. Got 2 minutes? There are options.
  2. Grounding overview, various methods, how to choose your best methods.
    I wrote up this overview especially for people with big hearts, so you can keep calm and effective without having to close off that beautiful big heart that we need in the world.
  3. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or “Tapping”)
    EFT is top go-to for me, because it’s: easy, effective, available anytime, fast, and also available in a hidden way like during a conversation. I also find it can be fairly easy to turn to even when I’m resisting self-care. Benefits also build over time. Easy to learn. It’s a body-mind, East-meets-West method that incorporates self-compassion and acupressure-like tapping. It’s a good all-in-one grounding method. (Learn EFT here.)
  4. Coaching for Grief and Loss by Liesel T.
    Sometimes grounding ourselves gets a little more challenging when it’s complicated by grief. It’s still doable with some extra support. Liesel is the perfect person to help with grounding and support for grief and loss. You’ll be in good hands.
  5. What do I do with all these emotions?
    Get some basics on understanding and working with hard emotions. Surprisingly simple and helpful.

Curious if coaching will work for you?

Get a Roadmap to make work more meaningful and less stressful for INtroverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Career Roadmap for Introverts & HSPs

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