Mindfulness and Meditation Resources

Take a moment now to stop and breathe.

Take a moment now to stop and breathe.

Are you looking for more grounding or mindfulness in your life, but not sure how to make it easier to do it? I’ve collected a few reliable and simple resources for you.

If you want to meditate, I encourage you to get at least some basic instructions. It’s too easy to have it be unproductive or frustrating — while it can be so simple and rewarding with a little instruction.

Here’s a perfect entry point:

Can you be present for what is happening right now? If you cannot be present, can you send some loving energy toward yourself? If you cannot generate some loving kindness for yourself, can you name one thing you are grateful for? Take time today to meet your spirit where it’s at.”
~Spring Washam, Teacher, Healer, Author. (“Spring is considered a pioneer in bringing mindfulness-based healing practices to diverse communities.”)


Recorded Meditation Instructions and Guided Meditations

  1. Free Guided Meditations from UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center
    They’ve got some short basic beginner-level meditations. Great starting place.
  2. Meditation Oasis podcast
    You can download past episodes to get a guided meditation for all kinds of purposes, from morning energy to relaxing into sleep. They’ve got both short and long meditations. If you’re used to accessing podcasts in iTunes, this is an easy way to go. (Direct iTunes link)
  3. Insight Timer App
    Download this free app and you’ll get access to a huge selection of guided meditations, silent meditation options with various chime timers, and a community of meditators worldwide so you can see how many others are meditating at the same time to add to your inspiration. You can search the guided meditations by length or topic.

In-person Class Options

I highly recommend finding a local Insight Meditation class for beginners. There’s no dogma or rules, but they bring some wisdom from the Buddhist tradition that I have found quite useful. (Use this link to search Google for Insight Meditation class near you.) This has made a big difference for me.

Want a little extra reading on meditation and mindfulness?