Small Group Communities

Especially for Introverts and HSPs - Career and Self-employment

If you are trying to get to that seemingly impossible blend of sustainability, fulfillment, and balance in your work life, it’s easy to get impatient, lonely, or confused along the way.  

Having understanding from kindred spirits and practical guidance on board can help bring clarity and calm.

I offer small group learning communities designed especially for introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs), from small group size to meeting style and to the kinds of career/business guidance. I get it from personal experience.

I host 3 different affinity groups. You can learn more via the doorways below.

Like trees in a forest, we are stronger and more resilient when you're in it together.
Like trees in a forest with interconnected roots, we are stronger and more resilient when we're in it together.

Stronger Together

I’m a big believer in the power of genuine community, for more ease, more effectiveness, and more joy. All along the way.

I love facilitating small groups (up to 6 people each) that combine these essential ingredients:

  • Practical guidance and support
  • Learning (using a step-by-step framework)
  • Kindred spirit camaraderie
  • Calming energy

I cannot say enough great things about the space that Val creates for her group members. She curates a group of like-minded heart-centered people and brings them on a journey to figure out how to achieve their goals. My time spent in the group has been incredible and I recommend it for anyone who wants to get their business flowing. I came in as such a newbie and received such a great foundation from Val, her guidance, and her masterful facilitation.” 

~ A.R., startup executive coach

Affinity Groups To Choose From:

For those exploring and moving towards new career and/or self-employment options.

For building or maintaining your
heart-centered solopreneur journey.

Group mentoring and business development especially for introverted and/or HSP coaches.


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