Welcome to your home base for caring introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs).

You have a lot to offer, just the way you are. 

You have an important purpose in this world — even if you don’t know what it is yet. And it can be easier than you might think.

Work can be joyful! I believe there’s a way for you.

Breathing room included.

How is it going today?

When you’re questioning your path or wondering what’s off.

Self-employed or considering it?
Try this doorway.

Wondering how others find and live their purpose, without overwhelm?

Change is possible. Client testimonials:

“Truly life-changing.”

“I connected to my soul’s purpose”

“I shed those layers of fear and discouragement.”

“Who knew the business side could be fun!”

“More than paid for itself.”

“I’m staying focused and relaxed.”

“I found the courage and clarity I needed.”

“You helped me find my voice!”


“You’ve unleashed what’s inside of me.”

Curious if coaching will work for you too?

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This small group community is for those exploring self‑employment options.

About Val

I’m happy to be an introvert and a highly sensitive person who is living my purpose. I stopped following the old map for work, and life is much better.

The mainstream map for work is exhausting and out of alignment with the Greater Good. I’ve got a new map for you.

People with big hearts come to me when they are feeling stuck or drained. They want their life to matter and they want support from someone who gets their sensitive soul needs. I get it.

I find that I’m best able to coach women, so that is my focus. I also welcome non-binary or trans people who are drawn to my work.