Roadmap to Your Career Sweet Spot

A Free Tiny Course for Sensitive Souls

From career stuckness to seeing a path forward – in 1 hour!

career searchIf you’re in that career confusion place and unsure what’s next, I made a free tiny course to help guide you.

Inside, I explain a simple visual career roadmap that will bring hope and clarity around your next step.

The roadmap is relevant for employment, self-employment, or blended career paths.

“In this course, I felt seen and heard and also felt like there was a good path – a roadmap to getting to my next steps. Everything was so good and as always, very generous! For the first time in a very long time, I feel excited about making a change.” ~Dionne

Things feeling murky? Let me help light the way.

light at the end of the tunnelInside, I’ll explain why it’s been murky for so many people. (Hint: you’ve been given no map or a faulty map.) It’s not you! This part is so validating.

The lessons in the tiny course are short and easy to digest with clear visuals for your career roadmap. When people see this map, they feel their shoulders relaxing right away.

They feel excited to now have a workable map to get out of that seemingly impossible maze.

The course is a mix of information, encouragement, and bite-sized action steps … all designed to bring you more ease.

How it works inside:

You can take the course on your own schedule and can finish within an hour or less. Even if you only spend 15 minutes, you’ll experience a wave of stress relief. And if you do the whole thing, you’ll have even more hope and a clear next step.

It includes easy-to-understand video lessons that you retain access to for easy reference — and there’s a worksheet at the end that will guide you to your next step.

The tiny course includes:

  1. Roadmap overview and how it works.
  2. What sensitive souls need and what to avoid.
  3. Addressing fear of change, and income worries.
  4. Real-life stories to illustrate and inspire.
  5. Worksheet to help you choose your next step.

After taking this course I feel more confident because I see a path forward. Recommended.” ~Jenna

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When you sign up you get:

  • Immediate info on how to access the online course.
  • A few encouraging emails to help you connect with the course principles. I’ll also tell you a little about a more in-depth course that might feel like a supportive next step, but most of the tiny course is getting you some relief right now.
  • A subscription to my INsights newsletter for introverts and/or HSPs, with occasional notes to help with our kind of career and business concerns. You can unsubscribe anytime.

About Val Nelson, your instructor

Val I’ve been a self-employed career and business coach for over 14 years, helping people who want both practical and meaningful work that fits.

I’m a highly sensitive introvert and I specialize in helping introverts and/or highly sensitive people (HSPs). I understand about managing energy needs as part of your career choice. This goes for sensitive extroverts too.

Along my way, I have developed a roadmap to help sensitive souls get out of confusion and get more clarity around their career path, whether that’s traditional employment, self-employment, or a blend. I love getting people some relief around careers. This tiny course is a great first step.

I’m starting to feel less alone already just by watching this first lesson. Thank you for this mini course! It was inspiring! Before this, I was totally in career confusion land. I felt stuck. Now I feel like things are starting to move, even if just a little.” ~Carlye

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Get a Roadmap to make work more meaningful and less stressful for INtroverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Career Roadmap for Introverts & HSPs

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