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Free webinar: Become your own boss?

Answering questions for Introverts and HSPs

Become Your Own Boss - Jan. 2024 free event

Jan. 17, 2024
9 AM PST / 12 noon EST / 5 PM GMT

Is 2024 the year that you want to start your own business?

Maybe you dream of making your own decisions and having enough freedom and flexibility to shape your life the way you want. Maybe you want to find better ways to balance your fluctuating energy needs. Being your own boss can give you all of this, and so much more!

But starting a business is not for the faint of heart and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Kerstin Martin, a Calm Business Educator, is a seasoned online business owner with 10 years of experience. Val Nelson, a business coach for HSPs and introverts, has run her business for 15 years.

Between us we will answer your questions, like:

  • How do people go from the stability of employment income to the unpredictability of self-employment?
  • What about money before the business is working?
  • I’m no good at marketing.
  • I don’t want to be on social media all the time.
  • How will I get steady clients?
  • What if I’m risk averse or full of fear?
  • How do I find the energy required for it all?
  • What should I focus on first?
  • Won’t self-employment be lonely?
  • I don’t know all those business logistics. It’s so much to figure out.

After you register you can also leave your own questions in the Q&A section.

Bridge to Self-employment – Course

Learn how that Scary Cliff can become a Simple Bridge.

Bridge to Self-employment courseIf you’ve been thinking about self-employment, or even trying it on the side, you probably have some concerns about how that “leap” actually works.

In this interactive online course, you’ll get concrete answers to your worries about money, energy, risk — all with introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs) in mind.

This is about heart-centered and practical self-employment especially for solo service professionals (coaches, consultants, healing arts, creative services).

You get access to 4 live group calls, and self-paced lessons. You can do some or all.

Easy Marketing Methods for Introvert/HSP Solopreneurs

A Fresh Perspective on Attracting Clients, that Even Introverts/HSPs Will Love.

Stay tuned for launch date. **In the meantime, the above course, Bridge to Self-employment, will cover some of this. You might want to check that out!

If the thought of marketing makes you feel anxious or drained, I’ll help you step into a new perspective —where effective marketing can fit inside your comfort zone. And we’ll get specific with methods to choose from and how to choose.

I am an introvert and highly sensitive person (HSP) who discovered more ease with marketing and now have a steady coaching business. I will teach you some simple principles to make marketing work for you too. Especially for heart-centered, self-employed service providers, who I call SOULpreneurs.

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Speaking Availability

Image of Val Nelson speakingI am currently limiting my speaking to podcast interviews, panels, and HSP-specific audiences, so I can stay focused on other priorities. If you have a great speaking invitation I can’t refuse, please contact me. See my speaking page for topics.

I’ve been a speaker at numerous organizations and events including Harvard Business School’s Women in Business Conference, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts Small Business Development Centers (MSBDC), Holistic Chamber of Commerce Western Mass, Annual Women Business Owners Conference, Women Business Owner’s Alliance (WBOA), Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce, Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, Univ. of Connecticut, Bay Path College, Hidden-Tech, Podcamp Western Mass, Western Mass Coaching Alliance, and UMass Amherst Alumni Association.

I’ve also enjoyed being interviewed — for radio, podcasts, blogs, and articles.

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Recent Talks

“Client Attraction Made Easier for HSP Coaches”
High Sensory Coaching Community
Nov. 2022

“Career and Business Fits for HSPs”
Sensitive Empowerment Community
Nov. 2022

“Self-employment for HSPs”
Sensitive Empowerment Community
June 2022

“Resilient Solopreneurs”
May 2020

“The Cause of Marketing Anxiety… and the Cure”
Gentle Business Revolution/ Sarah Santacroce
June 2019

“I Love My Client Work, But I Hate Marketing. Then What?”
International Coaches Federation – New England Chapter (ICFNE)
Dec. 2018

“Pricing and Packaging Your Heart-centered Services”
The Quiet Collective Conference for Introverted Women Entrepreneurs
March 2018

“The Role of Intuition in Running Your Business”
Women Business Owners Alliance
January 2018

“Networking Secrets from an Ex-Wallflower”
Mount Holyoke College Alumni Association
S. Hadley, MA – Dec. 2016

“Networking Secrets from an Ex-Wallflower”
Harvard Business School, Dynamic Women in Business Conference.
Boston, MA – Feb. 2015

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