Best Podcasts to Inspire Introverts and HSPs on a Mission

I’m letting you in on some excellent podcasts for me and my audience, who are mostly introverted women with big hearts, and other sensitive souls. We want to live our truest life and make an impact without burning out.

We like authenticity over hype, calm over loud, and these shows serve up the real deal. Everyone has different tastes but maybe you’ll find something new here that you like too.

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Who Made My “Best” List?

These shows are about sharing in genuine ways about real-world personal and professional insights. The hosts are mostly introverts, highly sensitive people, and/or women. Big hearts are the main requirement.

Rest assured that I only selected shows that won’t jar your nerves with loud music or ego-driven banter. Too many podcasts are like that. I’ve been so happy to find these and to lift up some lesser heard voices.

Recommended Podcasts

Find one or two that speak to you and enjoy the depth and growth inside these treasure chests.

Especially for self-employed or business leaders:

  • The Humane Marketing Podcast – Host Sarah Santacroce does such heartfelt interviews, capturing what’s really working for heart-centered entrepreneurs, including many introverts.
  • Thea of Introverts Talking Business PodcastIntroverts Talking Business Podcast – Host Thea Orozco brings you actionable advice and useful perspectives from successful introverted entrepreneurs, including how to deal with online marketing.
  • Business Tao with George Kao – George shares calm clear short messages for heart-centered solopreneurs.
  • Hello Seven – Host Rachel Rodgers owns a women-run company specializing in business, marketing, financial, and legal training. She shares stories and concrete tips of how she and other women have made it. She’s on a mission to help women and people of color overcome the wealth gap.
  • Empowering Career Moms [on Spotify] [on Apple] – Host Sharon Singh Sidhu is a fellow introvert and brings a heart-centered approach to life, career, mothering, and her interviews.

Especially for women who care about Cultural Transformation, Nature, and Finding Our Balance:

  • Social Responsibility at Work with Angela HowardSocial Responsibility at Work – Host Angela Howard challenges the typical workplace culture and leadership paradigms, so that employees, businesses, and the greater good can thrive together. Sample episode: “Self-worth at work.”
  • Irresistible – Hosts Kate Werning and BJSTAR about the intersection of collective healing and transformation and social change. In other words, about being engaged and grounded at the same time. They explore it all with some incredible guests, such as Lama Rod Owens, author of Love and Rage.
  • Heroine – Host Majo Molfino, immigrant entrepreneur, millenial, and calm powerhouse, says “I help multi-passionate, professional women become the leaders the world needs, instead of the ‘good girls’ the world wants.” A favorite episode: Shiza Shihad: Reclaiming Multiple Identities in the Age of Extremism (Shiza is co-founder of the Malala Fund.)
  • For the Wild – Amplifying grassroots voices, these are paradigm shifting conversations relevant to social and environmental justice.

Best podcasts for women who want to have more impact along with more ease:

  • #SecuretheSeat – Host Minda Harts offers for women of color what the “Lean In” movement didn’t address. She runs a career development company for women of color, and she is leading The Women of Color Equity Initiative. Her show is useful for allies too.
  • The HSP Podcast with Julie Bjelland – Learn to calm your nervous system as a highly sensitive person, and thrive as your true self.
  • Outgrow the Grind – Host Stacy Raye Kellogg is about helping high-achieving women honor their needs and invest their time and energy in what matters most.

For anyone who enjoys the big soulful questions of life:

For more resources, like books and career tools, check out my Resources section.

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