Resources: Career/Job Transitions for Introverts and HSPs

Career clarity and transition can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve collected some resources for you that my introverted clients have found useful.

Exploring Career Ideas

  1. Best Careers for Introverts, HSPs, and Other Sensitive Souls
  2. Self-employment Ideas for Introverts
  3. Career Ideas for Introverts and HSPs — The 2020 Update for Meaningful and Viable Work
  4. 50+ Career Alternatives to Being a Therapist for Those Who Enjoy Psychology
  5. Informational Interviews for Introverts: A Cheat Sheet – a good way to explore your ideas
  6. What If Your Career Ideas Feel Impossible?
  7. Personality Assessments and Career Discovery Tools
  8. Career Clarity Course: Find the Best Use of You
  9. Check out career coaching services.

Support for the Job Search

More Support Resources

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