Resources: Career & Job Transitions for Introverts and HSPs

Career clarity and work transition can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve collected some resources for you that my introverted clients have found useful.

Exploring Career Ideas

  1. Best Careers for Introverts, HSPs, and Other Sensitive Souls (50+ ideas)
  2. Self-employment Ideas for Introverts
  3. Career Ideas for Introverts and HSPs — Update for Meaningful and Viable Work in the 2020s
  4. 50+ Career Alternatives to Being a Therapist for Those Who Enjoy Psychology
  5. Career Ideas for Writers/ People Who Love to Write or Edit
  6. Alternative Careers for Teachers (What else can I do?)
  7. What If Your Career Ideas Feel Impossible?

career search compassFinding the Career Path that Will Fit for You

  1. Personality Assessments and Career Discovery Tools
  2. Roadmap to Your Career Sweet Spot: a free tiny course for sensitive souls
  3. Career Clarity Course: Find the Best Use of You (step-by-step interactive course)
  4. Check out career coaching services.

Support for the Job Search

More Support Resources

Click image to learn more about finding your best career path.

Learn how introverts and HSPs make self‑employment work... without the hustle.

Get a Roadmap to make work more meaningful and less stressful for INtroverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Career Roadmap for Introverts & HSPs

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