Alternative Job Search Websites

job search career searchPeople often ask what are the best places to search online for jobs. It can be so overwhelming and so often there’s not enough information about the actual fit for your personality or values.

So I’m collecting some resources here that will help you go deeper, especially for doing mission-driven work.

On this page:

  • Encouragement for the job search struggle
  • Recommended job search websites, for more meaning
  • Is networking the way to get a job?
  • What about choosing the right career direction? And knowing what you have to offer.

A Little Encouragement While in the Job Search

Quote: Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now. ~Beverly Sills

It’s so easy to get discouraged, especially after another rejection or not even hearing back. Argh. You might start questioning what you have to offer.

The image here has a quote that helped me so much during my last career pivot.

If you are unsure of what strengths you have, or what do you even want, check out the section at the end of this page. Knowing your strengths is so key, and usually people don’t know!

Job Search Websites for Meaningful Work

  1. ClimateBase
    Jobs at organizations working to address climate concerns.
  2. Remote Work and Flex Work Search and Resources
    I’ve compiled more websites via this link that help you find legit remote work, flex jobs, or gigs.
    Lists jobs, internships and other opportunities for making a difference.
    “Help purpose-driven organizations and talented professionals connect.” Easy job alerts by email.
  5. B Work
    Find jobs at purpose-driven companies certified as B corps. (B is for social and environmental benefit.)
  6. “The 7 Top Websites for Nonprofit Jobs”
  7. Find your niche job search site:
    If you are looking within a particular field such as academia, or biotech, do a search for “jobs in ______” (insert the field in the blank) to find niche websites where you might find specific job postings, such as
  8. PCDN Social Change Careers – job board
    They also share lots more job boards for social change careers.
  9. Indeed
    You’re probably familiar with this one because it’s so popular. The features are quite good, and there’s a lot of listings. Do include it in your list, but not as the only place you look.
  10. Google > Jobs Search
    Google does a good job of finding most of the job listings online so you can try many custom searches there. From there, you can click to get alerts for new postings that meet your search criteria. Google also offers free instructions for online job search.

Note: There are far more than these and you have to find the places that feel right for you. I hope these will be a good starting place.

Is Networking the Way To Get a Job?

Well, it certainly helps, a LOT. Just focusing on job postings won’t get you nearly as many options. This is partly because sometimes companies will create a job when they meet someone that will help their company’s goals.

Here are a few ideas to help:

  1. Can You Define Networking? It’s Not What You Think.
  2. Networking for Introverts

Wait, Do You Even Know What Career You Want? Or What You Have to Offer?

If you don’t have at least some kind of “work wish list” and career direction ideas you’re passionate about, then that lack of clarity is likely what’s in the way of finding a good fit. Your search will stay scattered, and interviewers can tell. Staying “open” isn’t actually helping.

You need to start with knowing you before you can find the right match for you.

These might help:

I explain a bit more in this video:

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