Resources for Funding Your Creative Business Ideas

money symbol with leafOf course money is a big question when it comes to business. How do you fund your big ideas?

I can’t answer all that here but I can at least offer these creative ideas from reliable sources:

Raise Money Online

Consider raising money with online fundraising sites. It’s not just for non-profits. This actually works for all kinds of ideas. Artists, authors, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, etc. A good place to start learning about “crowdfunding online”:

At Least Crunch Some Numbers

Before you dismiss your idea with the no-money excuse, at least find out what will it take to make it viable. Maybe you’ll find that your idea will pay for itself faster than you think. Maybe the numbers will look so enticing that people will show up to fund it.

If you’re not writing it on your own with some business planning tools, get professional help to sketch out a plan. Look for someone who understands money, such as a business accountant.

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