How to Find Freelance Writing Work

freelance writerHere are some ideas for how and where to find freelance writing jobs or freelance editorial jobs, whether as side gigs or full self-employment.

Some of these ideas can at least help you gain some experience with freelance writing and editing:

  1. Pitch articles to publications that interest you, where you have experience on the topic. (Some places pay.) Example for paid articles: Write for Introvert, Dear. (Sorry, I don’t accept guest articles.)
  2. Join writing or editing organizations to connect with others and get in their directory of freelancers. Examples: Editorial Freelancers Association and National Association of Independent Writers & Editors.
  3. Connect with web designers, business coaches, online course developers, and others who might hire or refer to copywriters. (You might already know some or you can look for online forums, LinkedIn groups, or meetup groups.)
  4. Share your subject matter expertise and let people know the services you offer in groups you are in (industry or interest groups, alumni groups, local organizations).
  5. Contact organizations dedicated to your interests (there are associations for almost anything—you’d be surprised).
  6. Try remote work job boards for ongoing or project based work.
  7. Get involved with groups of entrepreneurs and small businesses. (Such as a local business networking group that appeals to you, or my Introvert Solopreneurs small group.)
  8. Online networking – tips to make online networking effective and enjoyable for introverts.
  9. Be findable on LinkedIn for your writing talents and interests. (LinkedIn profile tips.)
  10. Consider grants and other ways to fund your writing.
  11. More great tips here: How to become a freelance writer and make money.
  12. Email people you already know to let them know you’re available for work. Here are specific tips on what to say and who to contact.
  13. Learn tips from others doing freelancing via online discussion boards such as Reddit: Freelance Writers, or a LinkedIn group for freelance writers. Whatever the specialty, there’s probably a discussion board for it on Reddit or LinkedIn.

PRO TIP: The most successful freelance writers specialize in a particular niche. Follow what you truly are interested in. This might help with finding a good niche or other writing career ideas:
Career Ideas for Writers/ People Who Love to Write or Edit.

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