Feeling Stuck About Choosing a Niche or Not?

Feeling Stuck About Choosing a Niche or Not?

If you feel stuck about whether to niche your solopreneur service business… here’s what I’ve experienced and how to find a middle ground, which could be a “niche for now.”

Your niche is where you shine.First, “niche” is just a word that means “where you fit best.” Or better yet, it’s where you shine.

There’s already a place where you fit best, whether you know it or not. Thus, focusing on a niche market is just about describing what is.

An ideal niche is not something you choose. It’s something you discover — by serving, and noticing where there is resonance.

My Niche Experience and Lessons Learned

My business did not take off until I focused on a niche market that aligned with my heart and my strengths. It made such a big difference. In the beginning, my niche market was business coaching for introverts. (It has since expanded from there.)

I specify niche market which means that I focus my marketing on that niche, but I still could serve who comes when we both agree it feels right and there’s room in my calendar. They don’t have to fit the exact niche market as stated.

In other words, choosing a niche to focus on for your marketing can really boost your visibility and referrals, but it doesn’t need to be limiting for who you serve.

Over the years I followed the signs to refine my niche further. Today my niche market is career and business coaching for introverts and highly sensitive people (HSP) who want meaningful work without overwhelm. Within that, I’m best able to help service-based solopreneurs, at any stage.

That narrow focus has served me well for many years now. For my sense of calm, and for my business stability. And it means I’m better able to serve the people who find me because it’s so aligned with my strengths and experience.

A niche market is calming for you and your audience.

It’s simply too much energy to market to the world. 🌏 Not clarifying and stating what you’re best able to help with could be why you feel tired of working too hard for too little results.

Not clearly saying who you help, or what challenges you’re best able to help with, leaves people confused about what you do. If you’re confused, they’ll be confused.

💡 I find that focusing on a niche market simply helps people have some picture of what you do, because some services, like “life coaching,” can be too vague without it.

When I originally said “I’m a business coach,” it landed flat and didn’t lead anywhere, but when I said “business coach for introverts,” people had something to picture (even if that image in their head was wrong, ha). It meant they asked questions and a genuine conversation was sparked without effort.

If you’re resisting a niche, you might not understand what niching your business actually means. It’s not just demographics.

Start somewhere and let it evolve.

Early on, when my niche market was introverts, an extrovert told me she resonated with my work and we hit it off and did some great work together.

Later, we realized she is an HSP, like me, and that it was part of why the resonance. Over time I added HSP to my specialties when I saw this pattern continue. Lesson: start somewhere and let it evolve.

If you’re stuck, just try something on and see what develops. It’s never set in stone anyway. Just say to yourself this is my “niche for now” and be visible to that niche audience. Notice what happens.

Any niche decision is good to revisit about once a year anyway.

It’s an evolving thing based on listening to who resonates with you and who you resonate with. 🥰 + 🥰

OK, that’s my niche advice/soapbox. What’s your experience? Feeling stuck? Noticed a difference when you stated a clear niche even just for one offer?

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Val Nelson

I’ve been a self-employed career/business/purpose coach since 2009. I help introverts and HSPs (like me) who want to make a difference — in a way that fits our practical needs too.
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