How To Choose Your Niche

In a previous post, I described the reasons you should choose a narrow niche for your business.

Now we’re getting down to how to choose the right niche for you.

Your niche doesn’t have to be an age or gender demographic such as “50-something women.” That’s a simplistic example that might not be narrow enough.

A better niche idea is to describe people with a particular challenge. For example, your ideal audience could be parents with children at home while having aging parents to care for.

In picking a niche…You find a place where your passions, experience, and strengths meet an aching need in the marketplace.” ~Steve Mitten, Business Coach


choosing a niche

Here’s a cafe that knows its niche and puts it out there clearly. And I immediately knew I was in the right place.

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Very Specific Niches Draw More Interest

Having a narrow niche for your business is so important that I’m determined to prove it to you. If this post isn’t enough, please leave a comment below.

Does your basic pitch say something like “I help people get things done.”? If so, that could be interfering with your marketing.

It’s hard for listeners to picture the generic words “people” or “things,” so they will ignore you. Vagueness puts them to sleep.

It doesn’t matter if you actually can help everyone. No one will listen.

But they will pay attention if you say “I help older adults who want to find a fun exercise plan that helps them feel great.”

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Your audience will listen even if it’s not describing them. They’ll say “OH, my mom could use that!” Or “Oh, I need that too, do you work with people in their 30s?”

The concrete nature of what you say keeps their attention.

This post will define niches and why you need a narrow niche. The next post will explain how to choose your niche.

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