The Introvert SOULpreneurs Circle

[Image: Your inner compass knows the way.]Are you wanting a self-employment journey with:

more ease,
….more work/life harmony,
……more fulfillment,
more sustainability?

This is a small group for people who lean more introverted and/or highly sensitive, and who want a fulfilling and sustainable self-employment journey.

It’s ideal for those who are either already on their self-employment journey or who are working with Val individually to get established on a productive path. (I also have groups for those exploring self-employment.)

I feel energized & more confident about my new self-employment journey! It’s working! ~Amber Ladley

In this circle of kindred spirits, you’ll experience the grounding, the camaraderie, and the practical support to keep your business and life balance going smoothly — in a way that feeds you and the people you’re here to serve.

My SOULpreneurs groups are open to enrollment now.

The SOULpreneurs and my other groups are described in full here:

Small Group Communities for Introverts and HSPs (Business/Career).