Apply to Work with Me

You can apply to work with me for coaching, using the form below, if all these are true:

  • You have successfully completed the quiz to see if coaching with me is a fit.
  • You are hungry for clarity, confidence, change, or more ease for bringing the best use of you to the world. (I’ll know based on your full answers in the below form.)
  • You are ready to invest time and money in individual and/or group coaching to make that happen. (You can get a sense of coaching fees here.)
  • You are a woman, or you’re a non-binary or trans person who is drawn to my work.  (Because this is who I’m best able to help).

I will hold your inquiry in full confidentiality and respect. 

After I receive your form, I’ll respond soon. We would have a free initial call before starting, and there is no pressure to do more. Need to ask a question first? Contact me here.

Learn how introverts and HSPs make self‑employment work... without the hustle.

Get INsights to make work more meaningful and less stressful for INtroverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Get work INsights for INtroverts & HSPs.

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