Coaching Fees

coaching feesI offer a variety of options for engaging my services, such as individual coaching, group coaching, or courses. Price varies accordingly.

For an idea about cost for coaching with me, a typical starting place, after a free initial call, is a Discovery Session. (Click for summary and price.)

Lower cost options:

  1. I reserve some spots for lower cost coaching (50% off) for people who are Black and/or Indigenous from and living in the Americas, as a step towards reparations, not as charity.
  2. Group coaching can be a budget-friendly option.
  3. My robust courses include some live group calls. There’s also no-cost access available:
  4. Don’t let cost stop you from exploring options for yourself. If you’re committed to your own growth, there are ways. Please message me to ask for referrals to coaches who charge less, and be sure to tell me about your situation so I can make a well-matched referral. I mentor some wonderful coaches!

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