Webinar: Grounding Body and Mind for Sensitive Souls. Learn EFT.

I bet you have a big heart and you can imagine beautiful things you want to offer in this world… if only you didn’t get overwhelmed by others’ energy, the news, or your inner critic.

Our default is to muscle our way through the hard stuff…  but that comes with a price, exhaustion.

grounding in nature

With some good grounding methods, we can get past those roadblocks and still have the energy we need. That’s been my experience.

Grounding is the foundation for living the best use of you, without the overwhelm. In my list of steps for finding and living your purpose, grounding is step #1… and it’s ongoing.

I regularly have to slow down and turn to the grounding tools I have. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to have the mostly steady work and life I have today.

As a highly sensitive introvert, I’ve had to do this. I’ve discovered everyone needs grounding and too few of us are finding it.

One of my favorite tools for feeling more grounded, more courageous, and more able to focus again is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Turns out grounding is available anytime with EFT.

I feel called to share EFT with my fellow sensitive souls in a short and simple webinar. I’m bringing in a wonderful guest teacher, Liesel Teversham, who taught me about EFT.

We held a 1-hour workshop on EFT recently, and one of the participants said:

“This should be part of the essential everyday-life tool-kit of empaths, introverts and sensitive souls! Easy, quick, effective and transformative!”


EFT and How It Helps

EFT is a fast-acting blend of Eastern and Western stress-relief and body-mind therapies. It doesn’t take long and it works in the moment. Millions of people worldwide use it. It’s also called “Tapping” because we lightly tap on specific stress-relief points with fingertips, similar to acupressure.

For me, EFT has become a go-to for stress moments or when I have trouble sleeping. (Oh, that overthinking mind.) The calming effects of EFT can also build up over time. My body is desensitizing to things that used to be stressful. How cool. I think it’s a great tool for sensitive souls, or anyone.

EFT is a safe and simple way to get calm about any problem. Then we can be more present for whatever comes next.

Unlike meditation, which is also good to have in your toolkit, EFT’s calming effects can usually be felt each time you do it. You can even use it in a hidden way, like during a stressful meeting. I love that.

Our Guest Teacher

Liesel Teversham, EFT for sensitive souls

Liesel Teversham, EFT for sensitive souls

I’ve learned EFT from Liesel Teversham, my beloved colleague who also specializes in coaching introverts and sensitive souls.

She is an expert in EFT. She has the empathy and teaching skills to help others get the full benefit of it.

She’s an angel. You’ll see!

We are offering this online workshop together because we love collaborating. I’m excited to share Liesel’s wisdom and compassion with you.

In this webinar, you will…

  1. Experience a little more calm in your body.
  2. Feel inspired to incorporate more grounding so you can thrive while keeping your heart open.
  3. Learn and practice EFT for grounding anytime.
  4. Receive take-home instructions to use EFT on your own.

This is not a sales pitch webinar like so many others. It’s valuable content you can use now.

How To Join

The live webinar happened February 2020, but the 1-hour recording is also an effective way to learn, so that is available to you right now.

We also give you ways to get answers to your questions.

Participant Comments:

It was a brilliant synopsis for EFT self-help!

Caring and competent leaders with lots of positive energy discussing some very helpful ideas for coping with life circumstances when stress of any sort is presenting a challenge.