Intuitive Reading for Your Business Ideas or Worries

intuitive reading for businessDo you have a business idea but not sure it’s worth the trouble to take it any further?

Is something about your business keeping you up at night?

Are you needing some wise intuitive guidance so you can feel more relaxed, and less alone?

An Intuitive Reading for Your Business could be just the thing.

You bring the idea or worry, and I’ll bring my deep intuition, combined with expertise about what works and what doesn’t.

This is NOT a psychic reading or message from angels, but some people feel like my insights on their situation make it feel as if I’m psychic. Sometimes I’m amazed as what comes through me. Things come to me in inexplicable ways. I also have a good sense of the market and what’s feasible. And I’ve worked on growing my intuitive skills.

What Kinds of Challenges Can We Address?

These are some of the things you could find energizing relief for in an intuitive session:

  • More clarity about whether to pursue your new business idea or new direction.
  • Choosing among too many ideas.
  • Reviewing your niche to make sure you choose the best fit for you and your goals.
  • What’s stuck in your networking or marketing and how to find your easier path.
  • Choosing the most important priority for reaching that elusive work/life harmony. (It’s usually not what you think it is.)

Can You Really Help Me That Fast?

Yes and no. For short-term things like what’s listed above, yes, we can get you some relief. We might need more than one session depending on the complexity, but you’d get some energizing relief even in one session.

For bigger goals (like starting or growing a business, or building confidence), a longer coaching engagement is a better fit. (You still get my intuition if you go with coaching.)

I’ve been doing this kind of clarifying work for what seems like my whole life, and I have helped thousands of people have breakthroughs in a short amount of time, including on all the topics listed above.

I have expert level understanding of marketing and business principles for small business, crazy good intuition, and a knack for mapping the issue in a way that helps you find the answer. Often, metaphors or visual images come to me that can help you see where you are.

You can benefit from my experience without reinventing the wheel yourself. It pays off.

Schedule Your Session Here:

You can view the price via the button below, and purchase on that page. After purchasing, you will get access to book a time in my calendar.

Sessions are typically between 10am-6pm Eastern time US, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays.

Please view the agreement via this link, before your purchase, for full clarity.

If you have questions before purchasing, contact me here.


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