Climate Crisis, Mother Earth, Collapse?, and My Work

Climate crisis concerns me quite a bit, as does all the disregard of nature. And yet I believe we can make choices that matter.

Like most highly sensitive people (HSPs), we’re quite touched by nature and find it restorative for us. So that connects to my passions here. (Can you relate?)

I also get it that many are concerned about societal collapse amidst all that’s going wrong, and I’m ready for discussing all that.

I’ll say a little about my thinking, how it impacts my work, and my choices.

My Thinking and My Work

I know the effects of climate change are already here, especially for the most vulnerable and least heard communities. I get it that climate issues are intertwined with equity issues, and that inclusive leadership is essential, for the good of all.

These issues tend to come up in my work with clients, because it effects their career and business questions. At first, people often think these issues make their career choices feel complicated and best left aside.

However, I have found that turning toward these caring values actually helps to make our career and business decisions easier. When I share my visual framework with clients — a refreshing alternative to money-centric burnout models — they have a big sigh of relief and hope. And things get easier for them.

I believe that looking at these issues will benefit us all and lead to more joy for all beings. Even along the way.

Some ways I’m putting these values into action:

  1. I believe a big chunk of my part is to help others find the best use of them amidst it all.
  2. I created a heart-centered, nature-centric, and practical map for finding and living your purpose. It’s a nourishing framework that helps us find where we can align lots of needs elegantly.
  3. I study what’s coming so I can help people make smart choices about career and business directions. For instance, the world as we know it is increasingly unpredictable and we need to consider resiliency and flexibility. My framework for career and business planning takes that into account.
  4. I am committed to inclusion and equity practices as one step in smoothing the way to have more diverse voices at the table.
  5. I live in a cohousing community (like condos with intentions to connect) where we share tools and supplies and combine efforts in many ways — including planning together for long-term resiliency, and day-to-day things like ordering together from local farms, bringing meals to neighbors experiencing challenging times, and together helping with refugee resettlement in our area. We talk openly about climate crisis and inclusion concerns.
  6. As a big believer in the power of community, for effectiveness and our well-being, I host small group communities for my clients.
  7. I also try to do my small part to reduce emissions and avoid over-consumption.
  8. I write about the Greater Good and Community on my blog.
  9. I attend a climate-conscious, collapse-aware study group regularly.

My small part feels like a drop in the ocean, but my heart still nudges me to keep planting seeds.

Quote if the world goes to pieces


Here’s a book that captures some of what I resonate with for a more nature-centric, regenerative, and resilient way of working and living:

Here are other books that intrigue me on the topic of collapse concerns, resilience, and adaptation from soulful and helpful perspectives:

  • Deep Adaptation
  • Breaking Together
  • I Want a Better Catastrophe. (with humor baked in)

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