My Green Practices at Work

My Garden in April

Here’s my list of how I stay green at the office. I think you’ll see I’m a bit obsessive, and I know there’s always room for more.

  1. I focus on helping values-driven clients that are adding something positive to the world.
  2. I work at home which eliminates a lot of driving.
  3. I offer meetings by phone or Skype even for local clients.
  4. I drive as little as possible and I drive a hybrid car.
  5. I choose local events or webinars over ones that require travel.
  6. I carpool or travel by train to necessary distant events.
  7. I use energy-efficient LED light bulbs. (This made a surprising difference in my electric bill.)
  8. I chose the green energy option from my electricity supplier.
  9. I use an Energy Star rated computer and have it set to energy saving settings.
  10. I have thermal windows and good insulation that keep the heating and cooling usage quite low.
  11. I track utility costs closely to provide a natural challenge for me to reduce usage each month.
  12. All of my client forms are online and rarely printed.
  13. I receive and pay most of my bills electronically.
  14. I reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible. And I don’t expect recycling to be enough to help the planet.
  15. When I need something new for the office, I look for used items before buying new.
  16. When I get mail I don’t want, I call and ask them to take me off the list.
  17. I use all-natural cleaning products.
  18. I stay updated on how to reduce my carbon footprint even further and try to incorporate new ideas as often as possible.
  19. I’m posting this list for transparency, so my prospective clients can make conscious buying decisions.

There’s a misconception that greening one’s business is expensive but most of it saves money.

I’m frugal by nature which just so happens to help the environment much of the time. I realize though that sometimes you have to invest in energy-efficient upgrades but they usually pay off in the long run.

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