My Earth-Conscious Practices at Work

My Garden in April

I study climate crisis and regenerative practices, and it concerns me quite a bit. I’m not naive and I know the effects are already here, especially for the most vulnerable communities.

I try to do my small part in my business to reduce emissions and I know enough to know it’s not enough. That’s why I support organizations that are well positioned to make a bigger difference.

Current and future generations of people, animals, and all parts of nature, are at stake.

In case you’re curious, here’s a sample of some of how I think “green” at the office.

  1. I focus on helping values-driven clients that are adding something positive to the world.
  2. I work at home, drive as little as possible, and I share a car.
  3. I offer meetings by phone or videoconference even for local clients.
  4. I choose local events or webinars over ones that require travel.
  5. I use energy-efficient lights, appliances, insulation, and other energy-saving around the house.
  6. I use the renewable energy option from my electricity supplier.
  7. I live in a cohousing community where we share tools and supplies, and combine efforts in many ways.
  8. All of my client forms are online and rarely printed.
  9. I receive and pay my bills electronically.
  10. I reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible. I don’t expect recycling to be enough.
  11. I look for used items before buying new.
  12. I use all-natural cleaning products.
  13. I stay updated on how to reduce my carbon footprint even further.

There’s a misconception that greening one’s business is expensive. Most of it saves money. And money shouldn’t rule our decisions.

I’m frugal by nature which just so happens to help the environment much of the time.