Discovery Session

Get a powerful boost in Clarity, Confidence, and Momentum.

Discovery session doodleExperience the boost you need in this private session just for you. We’ll get in there together and get you some refreshing relief and restorative energy.

It’s amazing what a lift people get from this one session.

You’ll get:

  • Increased clarity on that foggy area that’s been weighing on you.
  • A better understanding of what is in the way.
  • Clarity of what’s most needed next.
  • Relief for those tight shoulders.
  • Restorative energy and confidence for moving forward.
  • A written list of your insights and chosen action steps.*
  • Clarity of whether more coaching is a good fit, and what that would look like.

*You won’t feel like you “have to” do anything. You’ll feel inspired because we’ve found a thrilling vision and action steps that resonate for you. The knowing will come from inside. It’s like releasing a dam.

I’ve had many positive reverberations from our Discovery session. It feels so good to have clear direction. My energy has been remarkably different since our session. The transformation feels really profound.”
~Anonymous, Western MA

Thank you so much for our meeting.  It was just what I needed.  I’m standing two inches taller because of confidence you’ve help me touch base with again. Words cannot describe what you’ve help me reconnect with.  Thank you.”
~T.G., Vermont

It can feel like the relief of a swan entering the water, finding her natural home instead of wobbly walking on land.

Who Is It For?

The session is for heart-centered people who want the results I described above. It’s for those who are committed to their own growth and willing to invest time and money to get somewhere better. You don’t need to already know where you’re going.

I specialize in helping introverted and/or highly sensitive women — especially with goals such as creating more work-life harmony, finding a career or business path that feels true to who you are, increasing confidence, or finding your own authentic way of doing business.

In essence, people come to me to answer the age-old questions of “Who am I? Why am I here? And how can it be easier?”

Want to see if coaching is a good fit for you? Take the quiz found below.

As a Kickstart for Coaching

It’s important to me that you get the full value of the Discovery Session, so please consider it primarily as a start, not a stand-alone. It’s not meant as a quick fix. We can’t do it all in one session.

A consistent coaching relationship is known to create deeper and more lasting impact. For instance, three months of coaching can be enough to experience the clarity and confidence you’ve been trying to find for years. Six months gives you the traction to create meaningful change.

However, the Discovery Session has good value on its own too.

Cost and What’s Included

Specifically, it includes:

  1. Self-discovery homework before we meet, to help you begin the clarification process.
  2. 90-minute coaching session.
  3. Suggested homework afterwards, to deepen your clarity, confidence, and momentum.
  4. A follow-up call if needed to resolve concerns and discuss further coaching options.

*Please only purchase now if we have already confirmed this is a fit for you.

Want to Check It Out?

If this feels like a great fit for you, let’s chat. (If we already did chat, you can begin by purchasing above.)

Request a free initial consult here to inquire about coaching and the Discovery Session.

Val helped me connect to what it would feel like to really be sharing my work and living my purpose with confidence. When I start to feel doubtful, I fill myself up with that feeling and it helps me engage with the world in a much more positive and confident way.”
~Elana D., PA

I was honestly a bit skeptical as to what could possibly emerge in such a short time – little did I know! I give it a 10. I came out of it with quite a bit of clarity. Feels like the focus and your guidance really started to shift some stuff.”
~P, Western Mass.

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