Marketing Consult: A Calming Approach

Especially for introverts, highly sensitive people (HSP), and women solopreneurs.

I’ll help you move past temporary challenges so that your true clients can find you.

Specifically, I help you discover and utilize the most effective client attraction methods that fit with who you are.

No cookie cutter stuff! Only authentic heart-centered approaches customized for you — because that’s what works and feels best.

Marketing should be, and can be, fun and easy — even for introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Wondering what could make this whole marketing thing easier.
  • Love my client work but hate marketing.
  • Do I really need to choose a niche? What if I end up with less business?
  • I feel stuck about what to say on my website.
  • My website is live but I’m not getting enough response.
  • I need more income now. What’s the fastest path?
  • I have trouble deciding on prices. Should I use packages?
  • What is SEO* about and is it feasible for my business?
  • I want to be found in Google.

We can address any of those concerns.

*SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a fancy way of saying “being findable in Google.” Which is indeed possible for solo businesses and it’s a great introvert-friendly method for marketing. I can explain and help when we meet.

To give you a sense of how it could be easier:

Notice how different it feels in your body when you imagine these two ideas:
vs. Being found by people who want what you offer.

I like the second one better myself.

Becoming more discoverable is easier than you think.

You might not even like the words business owner, entrepreneur, or marketing. Sometimes changing the words to self-employed, SOULpreneur, or discoverability can help to calm and focus us on what matters.

We can meet for a marketing consult.

What: This private meeting for you includes assessment discovery tools, a 90-minute session, and some follow-up.

Why: To find clear steps and calming energy for attracting clients— in refreshing and authentic ways that fit your natural style. No fakeness, overwhelm, or extrovert mask required.

Who: This is designed for service-based solopreneurs such as coaches, consultants, trainers, creatives, and healing arts professionals. They enjoy their client work, but tend to dread the marketing side of things… until they learn a new way. They are women with big hearts, who are often introverts and/or highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Expected Outcomes

Even if you think you hate marketing, we’ll find what makes it fun and easy for you. Forget about what other people are doing. Much of it is old-school and designed for extroverts. We need a new way that works for us.

“Val helped me to find creative ways to market myself that are also aligned with who I am and what I feel very comfortable doing. I would highly recommend Val for anyone who is working to find the ways to naturally express who they are and what their unique gifts and services are. I’m so thankful that I found Val when I did!”
~Lisa Oxboel, Professional Organizer & Clarity Coach (Introvert and HSP)

You’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity of what needs to be prioritized to attract your true clients.
  • An understanding of what is in the way and what it takes to get unstuck.
  • Restorative energy and confidence for moving forward.

Pam White, artist, photographer“Val keeps the focus, holds the keys of relevance, nourishes the psyche and instills the spirit with a sense of willingness, no, passion for the next step. And if the next step isn’t clear, she will change that!”
~Pam White, Artist/Photographer, CT

One session or more than one?

If you think it makes more sense to do a chunk of work together, not just this one session, let’s have a free initial call to sort out what’s best. A series of sessions can be enough to gain the traction you’ve been trying to find for years, as this woman found within three meetings:

“I got immediate positive results working with Val. She helped me with web marketing for my healing practice. The process was fun, and the results immediate and dramatic. She also helped me to envision what I optimally want my business to be like, and to take practical steps toward manifesting that vision. I highly recommend her!”
~Health Care Professional, MA

With a coaching/consulting relationship with me, you will:

  • Feel confident that your marketing decisions are the most cost-effective and best fit for you.
  • Enjoy more ease and authenticity in your marketing and networking.
  • Work smarter, not harder…and you’ll have more fun.
  • Make steady progress on implementing chosen steps.
  • Feel energized to move forward.
  • Learn how to bypass your internal blocks to progress.

Marketing Consult Details and Cost

The consult package includes:

  1. Assessment forms to help us both begin the clarification process before we meet.
  2. My prep time to study your situation and begin developing ideas for you.
  3. 90-minute coaching/consulting session by Zoom.
  4. Follow-up homework
  5. Opportunity to ask me follow-up questions for up to 30 days after we meet.

You’ll find the cost when you click the booking button below.

Next Step

Option 1:

Ready to book a consult and get moving sooner than later?


Option 2:

If you think you’re more interested in more than one session, such as with individual or group coaching for solopreneurs:

You can use this quiz, and then if it’s a fit, you can book a free initial call to discuss working together.

Or Read More First…


My Marketing Background/ Credentials

As an introvert and highly sensitive person myself, I didn’t think self-employment or marketing were for me. And yet my independent streak felt compelled to try.

I found the typical rules for marketing were exhausting and unmotivating for me.

So I ended up doing what felt easier for me, thinking it wouldn’t work… But then it did work, and it keeps working. And the same principles are working for my clients too.

Turns out we can be good at this too, if we do things our way.

Having worked with hundreds of clients (mostly introverts and HSPs) around marketing concerns, I’ve seen what works, what’s a waste of time, and what’s far too taxing on us. I’ve helped many people avoid the dead-ends and save a lot of time, energy, money, and aggravation.

  • 30+ years in marketing and communications
  • 20+ years helping with web and social media strategy, including SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Former illustrator and ad designer (award-winning)
  • Over 14 years as a self-employed, self-sustaining coach.
  • Self-supporting business owner even during down economic times.
  • Featured expert in the media, including topics like marketing for introverts.

My Approach

  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to rise above the noise, but you do have to invest something — strategically.
  • It doesn’t have to be that hard. When it feels hard, it’s time to get help.
  • Authenticity is the most effective way to be successful.
  • Even introverts can enjoy marketing when they know the secrets.

Questions Welcome

Quick question before proceeding? Just pop me a note below and I’ll reply promptly.

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