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Somehow this introvert has ended up being interviewed or featured in the press far more than my quiet side ever imagined!

At first, I had to tell myself to just go with it because my passion for helping people find their easeful path is bigger than any resistance I have to the visibility. (Now it feels easier.)

I’ve been a selected writer for Huffington Post, Quiet Revolution, Highly Sensitive Refuge, and Choice magazine. I have been featured in Psychology Today, Globe and Mail, New England Public Radio, The Introvert Entrepreneur, and seen in magazine articles in Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Money, and many others. You can find some of those stories below.

I also enjoy being a guest on podcasts and some of those are found below too.

If you’re covering some news about me, you can find press kit materials here.

My advice column:

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You can also find my public speaking history here.

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