The Work-Life Harmony Roadmap

It seems like everyone is craving success, fulfillment, and work/life balance… but they seem to have no idea how to have all of these together. Talking about work-life harmony can help.

The problem is we have a flawed understanding of words like success and balance. For instance, we confuse success with money, when we really want happiness.

It seems like there is a missing or faulty roadmap for how to realize our dreams.

Maybe you can’t find enough work to satisfy your wallet. Or maybe the money is fine, but some parts are draining or disheartening. Or your family gets the short end of the stick. I’ve experienced all of those things. Seems like something always loses.

Balance, in the old way of thinking, can be nearly impossible, but work-life harmony is more doable. I made a new map to help explain.

A New Way to See Success and Balance

I created this video to visually describe the problem and the solution.

You’ll find the start of a new roadmap in the video, and more details below.


The Work-Life Harmony Roadmap™

Work-Life-Harmony-ValNelsonThe video above describes the classic work/life problem in the dominant U.S. culture where I live, and many other cultures too.

Can you relate to the stress in one or more area in the diagram?

The Work-Life Harmony Roadmap is the solution.

Work-Life Harmony is where you find the fulfillment, success, and breathing room you crave.

Work-life harmony means your work is in harmony with your heart and in harmony with what feels natural and fun. And it’s in line with what other people need and value. (Even the marketing side feels natural and fun when you’re following the sweet spot!)

It’s possible, even for you.

Example of Using the Roadmap

Let’s say you’re an introverted woman with your own business and you’re feeling like you’re trying too hard for too little progress. You’re concerned about how to have the energy for it all, especially that dreaded networking and self-promotion stuff.

To correct the stress, look for which of these areas need attention:

  1. YOUR HEART (What you value):
    Is your work focused on what’s most meaningful to you and aligned with your heart? Does your marketing feel aligned with your values? (When it’s aligned, it makes your work and the promotion of it easier, more fun, and energizing.)
    Are you attracting clients in a way that feels aligned with your nature, instead of trying to do it the way you heard it should be done? Are you trying to do everything yourself even when it feels like pulling teeth? What works for an extrovert might not work for an introvert. (When you align with your natural flow, and allow in support for the areas that are not natural for you, you’ll gain more breathing room, more creative flow, and better results.)
    Are your offerings aligned with what others are aching for and wanting to pay for? It takes homework and testing to make sure. When it’s aligned with what’s needed and valued, client attraction is so much easier.

Of course there is more to each of these areas but this is a general starting place. If something isn’t working, there is something misaligned.

Wanna Find Your Sweet Spot?

Here are ways to join the Work-Life Harmony revolution:

  1. Learn more about shifting to this way of life:
  2. Check out my courses especially for introverts and HSPs (with a sliding scale):
  3. Work towards your sweet spot in Small Group Communities for Caring Introverts and HSPs.


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