It’s the Message, Not the Medium

Flooded by Social Media Options

Flooded by Social Media Options

At a seminar on Web 2.0 for small businesses last week, the first panelist, Chris Amato, started us off by giving a quick (and excellent) overview of the hottest online bells and whistles — from viral videos on YouTube to Twitter and iPhone apps.

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Search Engines Love Quality Writing

Even though search engines are robots, their “artificial intelligence” programming is so sophisticated that they know if your web content is written well or not. The better your content reads to a human being, the more “points” you get from search engines.

If you write content that gives your visitor something meaningful to them, you will not only be more popular among search engine robots, you’ll gain human followers too.

Good Marketers Give First

A perfect exchange

A perfect exchange

The main reason people search online is to look up information, so if your online communications are only about selling or asking for something, you’re missing the boat. (And I bet your heart doesn’t like doing it like that anyway.)

The key to effective marketing and communications whether online or offline is to give your audience something they find valuable first.

Be helpful. Then offer them the option to check out your opportunities. Your heart will be happy and your wallet will be happy.

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What’s All This “2.0” Talk?

Wikinomics bookYou’ve probably heard “Web 2.0” thrown around but even people who say it don’t always know what it’s about or why it’s so important.

And now people are adding “2.0” to everything: Business 2.0, World 2.0, Learning 2.0, etc. So what’s up?

“2.0” is a playful reference to a cultural shift in who’s got the power. Everyone is in charge now, not just traditional media, politicians, doctors, or big business. For example, isn’t it amazing that anyone can edit Wikipedia, and it’s such a valuable resource?

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Post Your Green Practices on Your Website

earthriseIn honor of Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, I added a webpage with a list of things I do to green my business. I hope this sparks new ideas for you.

I encourage you to post your own green list on your website. A recent survey showed that the majority of today’s consumers are actively seeking information about sustainable practices before they decide to turn over the cash.

Even in tough times, 51% are willing to pay more if they believe there is a social or environmental benefit. Continue reading