About Requests to Submit Articles

I’m writing this note for you because I care about your writing business and want to give you an honest answer to your query.

I don’t accept article submissions and have no need. (In the rare occasion of accepting a guest author on my blog, it would be someone I already know with a particular expertise, not a general copywriter.)

As a business coach, I’ll offer you a little free advice for finding writing work:

  • For these kinds of queries, it’s best to look for places that openly ask for article submissions, and there are many.
  • You’ll do best if you pick a specialty, based on your interests and experience, in order to stand out and get more yes answers.

For more details, I have published a couple resources that might interest you:

I realize self-employment is not easy, especially in the beginning. That’s why I created this low-budget course to help:
Bridge to Self-employment
It includes stories of writers and other creatives who are making it work.

Best wishes,

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