Resources for Small Businesses and Solopreneurs

If you’re starting a business, check out support resources for starting a business.

Free Business Guidance, Resources, and Training (USA)

The following resources are excellent starting places, primarily for technical aspects of business.

Small business development center

Inspiring Podcasts for Self-employed Introverts

  • The Introvert Entrepreneur – Near and dear to my introvert heart, Beth does thoughtful interviews of successful introverts.
  • The Humane Marketing Podcast – Host Sarah Santacroce does heartfelt interviews, including many introverted entrepreneurs.
  • Introverts Talking Business Podcast – Host Thea Orozco brings you actionable advice and useful perspectives from successful introverted entrepreneurs, including how to deal with online marketing.

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Business Coaching business coaching group - SOULpreneurs     self-employment needs to be easier

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