How Coaching Works

Coaching is helping someone clarify their vision and achieve their goals by providing an ongoing supportive process. It’s the same idea as working with a personal trainer when it comes to your fitness.

It’s not a “just do it” pushy approach as in the classic sports coach model. I believe life coaching works best when it’s about uncovering the excitement that naturally inspires progress. Like releasing a dam.

Coaching can create movement even when years of therapy or self-help have not. (Therapy and self-help can be very useful but are not suitable for all your goals.)

Here are some good articles about the power of coaching, including the science behind it:
Life Coaching: Seeking a Sense of Purpose (Huffington Post, 1/10/12)
In this article, they feature the particular coaching training/school of thought that I trained with. An excerpt:

“Today life coaching draws its inspiration from a number of sources, including positive psychology, mentoring, sociology, neuro-linguistic programming (“NLP”), mindfulness and even Zen Buddhism.”

Coaching is not a quick-fix approach, although it’s amazing how much can happen with the help of a coach. You should experience increasing clarity and a sense of progress all along the way.

My Structure of Coaching for Best Results

I have found this structure works very well for ensuring progress so this is where my new coaching clients begin:

  • Start with one Discovery Session for a stress-relieving boost in clarity. We’ll then both know what makes sense for a coaching program going forward.
  • 2 or 3 sessions per month, by phone or in-person. (45-minutes each)
    By the end of each session, your next steps will feel clear, easy, and exciting!
  • Availability for brief consults between sessions.
  • Professional guidance for forwarding your action between sessions.
  • Access to my secure online client portal with clarifying worksheets and resources.
  • An accountability structure if needed.
  • Sharing my expertise on topics such as starting a business, networking and marketing, and finding your voice.
  • Access to participate in a small group community of kindred spirits that I facilitate.

We’ll create a structure that works for you, adjusting over time as needed.

You can try things out with a Discovery Session and gain valuable clarity, with no obligation to go further. Use the Initial Call Request Form to discuss getting started.

More info:

Different Ways to Use a Coach


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